Dr McCullough

So, from Dr McCullough's 3 hour interview - one of the worlds most distinguished doctors in the world - I learned that when "unvaccinated", you can not get Covid twice. One you had it - you have a life long immunity.

That's it. Basta !

Whatever it is, it ain't Covid (and a PCR test certainly does not make you automatically having covid, but that's because the PCR tests is misused. It is most likely that 97% of the positives are in reality Covid negative). There are of course plenty of other viruses out there, especially during wintertime, so you are "free to choose" - because they are always around us, remember.

What I did not quite understand is, how does it work with already "vaccinated" people. Because they do bump into Covid several times, because the shots do not protect them, nor anybody else (which makes the Green pass the most ridiculous creation in a long time). But they are increasingly weaker for every shot, due to the gradual immune system weakening effect.


The toxic pathogen: Spikeproteins

I also learned that the artificial induced spike proteins reside up to 1 year in a body. Which is really bad news - especially if you consider that the Powers To Be insist on people taking a "booster" shot every 6 months - you practically never get away from the toxic pathogen which the spike protein is.

How can the body ever repair that, when it is attacked by genetic jabs every 6 months ? It is so beyond sinister, so outrageous criminal - and deeply disappointing, that people are buying into that en masse. Literally being part of the very pathogen, they believe they are getting protected from. In reality, it will be injected in such manner, that the body never fully recovers, and gets more and more damages along the road.


Negative charged Nano-Lipids

Then we have the cationic nano lipids - and those are badass. Especially for the heart. When they enter a cell, they change charge from positive to negative - and that is what makes it extremely bad for cells - because it results into maximal oxidative stress - forcing the cells to commit suicide.

Now, when heart cells get negative charged nano lipids inside - they destroy themselves - and they don't regrow. Make the math, what that means to your heart capacity and future life. Especially in children. In particularly boys (80% boys, 20% in girls) - and the data shows that already in a harrowing way.


"I didn't know" | "I only did my job" - are no excuses !

Not doing your homework, while continuing to commit these crimes - IS NOT AN EXCUSE ! YOU WILL ONE DAY BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY - whether your are an authority and you are "just doing your job", or the reporters who notoriously deliver the lies and fake news for 2+ years in a row about the "vaccines".

Silver Dollar paid off Experts

Then the expert doctors - silverdollar paid off "experts" who get huge amounts of TV time - and especially the politicians - who do not know anything else than to force people to take experimental (not fully approved), genetic injections every 6 months - while making people loose jobs, income, and forbidding them to access stores and other venues, as well stripping people from travel, in some countries even local travel with public transport.

Taking away the basic freedoms of human beings - while forcing them to take experimental injections which have harmed so many people - continue to brainwash the mass.... it is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. And you will be held accountable.

Here is the thing: You will be remembered, you see. There will be survivors - and they will remember who was on the other side, deliberately betraying humanity, to take the bloody poison, while making sure that freedoms are taken away, and being ridiculed as if those were some "luxurious item". The play of "you have to inject, to save others", and all that shit.

It is - and the data is increasingly clear - a bloody lie.


But most people block this at all levels.

Run run into the syringes, in the belief, laziness, fear or conviction, to be on the safe side. While it is exactly the opposite. And large parts of what is coming, we are not even fully aware of, because there is no data for the long term consequences of those experimental genetic injections. The risk for tumors, cancer, neurological damages as well lost fertility - is in fact very, very high.

It's just infuriating at all levels.


Look at our finger tip. Look closely.

Speaking of virus.  There you have 100 Million virions on it. That's reality. And it doesn't kill you, because we always have been living together with viruses. They are part of us, as we are part of viruses. your human genome contains 8% viral material. BAM ! It is incorporated into your human DNA.

Now with all the scare and fear mongering that has been going on for over 22 months.... Gosh, the level of media reporting is under all decency, moral and quality.

Who and what are these people, really ? Getting pet on their back because they just made another successful "informative" scaremonger article ? Eco, Green, and Vaccine.

No wonder, that the quality is abysmal. Sometimes reporters are more in the picture of the story, than the story itself.

That's not quality - that's instagram and Youtube Influencer BS dressed as "news reporters". And most of them sit behind a bloody desk without ever leaving their warm butthole seat.

Geezaz !


Honesty ? You're kidding, right ?

And no fuck in the mainstream media seem to have the guts to be honest. Most likely they are not even allowed to. While many of the newer ones are anyway mainly opinionated living ads who deal with scientism, not science or medicine. I mean for heavens sake - they are newspaper - you would think they have some kind of level.

(I write a Diary, so yes, it is - consider it - opinionated and certainly not professional. And I never made that claim either).

Nevertheless - the data is out there, showing the truth that the Covid-19 injections are highly harmful and the most (officially) harmful "vaccines" ever having been let loose on humanity. The vaccine injuries of the past 11 month - exceeds ALL vaccine injures by a multitude of times compared with all vaccine injuries that have been registered in the last 30+ years (since the beginning in the US it is longer; since year 1969).

Suck on that.



When A product or food contains a toxin

it is pulled from the market. Bisfenol used in children's toys - was taken off the market.

When a new vaccine resulted into 50 death - it was pull from the market.

Today, in the US, within only 11 month, more than 20.000 people have (officially) died form the Covid-19 "vaccines".

Unofficially, due to the vast underreported cases in the US VAERS database, the real number of death is 5-20 times higher: 100.000 to 1.000.000 people have died. Then add millions of severe side effects.

It looks pretty similar in Europe, too. Officially we are beyond 30.000 deaths.

Now the Governments force people having to take it, or else... Without protecting their citizens, from products which is one of the most deadly products ever been released onto the public. The number of severe side effects is already 1.1 million (Oct 2021, EU's EudraVigilance Database)

While at the same time - there goes the head of the EU van der Leyen, who never ever in here whole career has accomplished anything successfully - and says - mandatory "vaccinations" should be the ticket for all EU Citizens...

What the hell ?


The Omicron "Variant"

is so detached from the original virus, due to a whopping 34 mutation on the spike protein, that it doesn't well attach to the ACE2 human receptors anymore. And that explains why it is the mildest form of all variants. (But hey, look around - the Governments are like in a frenzy to close down societies, forcing them further into poverty) Also; the reported fast spread of Omicron - is false. Delta was much faster and more potent, compared to Omicron.

It's really ironic, isn't it ?

They always tell you the opposite in the media, politicians and authorities - as if that is the truth.
But it ain't.

In the long haul - the truth will eventually last the longest. An empty sack can't stand tall in the long haul. You can protect a lie, but you don't need to protect the truth. Eventually people will have to face some really harsh realities, both in themselves as well on the outside the illusionary world they have invested into. That their government have been angels of death - and not the protectors they claimed to be. You may have to ask yourself one day : Why did I fall for everything ? Why did I buy into the whole Plandemic ? Why did i inject my kids with experimental genetic injections every 6 months ? When you one day realize, that the increased level of strange illnesses, which are never dared to be connected to those experimental injections - one day, you realize, they were the cause of much suffering - in those you love, and loved.


Covid is treatable. It always has been treatable !!

Without genetic injections, without lockdown's.

So get your damn thump out of your ass, and do some serious homework before you go out and hate a group being "responsible" for the Plandemic, because they refuse to vaccinated. So much hate, only because YOU do not wish to see what's really behind - and rather bash the shit of others, blaming them for what you, yourself, have refused to look deeply into.

It is easy to watch TV, and get the news delivered on a silver plate. But who said, that the truth is said on the media ? When has that ever been the case ? To me it is almost like...

Mainstream Media has been taken over by influencers. Official TV doctors have been taken over by Quacks who are paid by Big Pharma and interests, like Astro Turfing; smearing and lying to you. Like parrots, they all sound the same (those that get all the spotlight. Now they even stared to forbid anyone critical to come up on Italy TV). Imagine what that actually means. Hermetically protected, like in a bubble. Only that they happen to infuse you with deadly lies.

Take your "shot".

The vaccine doctors - make good money. 1500 Euro per day in Sachsen / Saxony for example in a vaccination center. What I make in on year, they make in 1.5 months. (see Germany, Italy, etc)

It's obscene.

Yet - they will be remembered for what they have done to people as "doctors".

The question remains - will we really ever learn ?


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