What needs to be kept in mind is, that the official VAERS Vaccine injury database in the US, is vastly underreported. There are a large number of hospitals and doctors who do not report any damages or correlations, and many who do not even know the existence of this database in the US. In many cases it is deliberately avoided to connect the experimental genetic Covid-19 injections with any illness. And many people are not even given adequate help when they days later face an onset of life threatening conditions. It is so sad it is beyond comprehension.

In general it is believed that he VAERS database represents 5% of the total amounts of injuries and deaths due to the experimental genetic Covid-19 injections, which are NOT approved by the FDA, but only under a temporary Emergency Use Authorization. The one the FDA "approved" is Pfizer's Comirnaty - but Comirnaty is not used in the US - they use the previous one (Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 vaccine), the latter filed under the EUA.

"The estimated underreporting factor for COVID injection injuries in VAERS is between 31 and 100, so the
actual death toll in the U.S. could be anywhere from 278,500 to 898,600"

This also means Pfizer still doesn't have to
pay for any damages and deaths [only FDA approved drugs, then the companies have to carry responsibility). So, through this coupe de Etat, the Big Pharma companies go free (Which applies to all countries in the world using covid-19 vaccines from due to that government agreed to their conditions not to be held accountable for damages and deaths. And without our Governments revealing the deal, nor the cost for it all - which is all paid by tax money). Nobody is now responsible for the genetic injection damages and deaths ! IMAGINE THAT !!

So, while the US Gov together with FDA made the US people believe that "Pfizer's vaccine" got approval - it never was approved. Only Comirnaty got approval - but isn't used in the US.


Just look at those numbers

And remember that VAERS is vastly underreported by at least factor 20. And that is only for the US. The numbers in EU (EudraVigilance database) look similarly (and are higher).

Everyone can access the VAERS US Database, the UK Yellow Card Database and the EU's EudraVigilance database.

It's just few ever do it.

So, who is the tinfoil hat and conspiracy theory nut ?

Note: The American CDC does not acknowlege any death from the Covid-19 injections.


Alex Schulman in DN.se

a moron who already has been shitting in the wrong closet too many times  in the past 20 years on his road to fame in the swedish society. Which didn't always work out very well, especially when the shit hit the fan. But, here he is again - doesn't know anything else. Little boy who never got daddies approval, found a sucking up newspaper which happens to be the leading Swedish Newspaper (not worth to use even for shit paper in the bathroom): DN.se.

He wrote yesterday (20 Dec 2021) - with big self important portrait (only visible on the front page, which is already gone by 21 Dec 2021) - under the title "Antivaxxers should pay their own funeral"

with the word below: "Omicron spreads across the world and country after country shuts down again. When you read about the anti-vaxxers and their lies, it's hard to feel empathy for them".


Now isn't he a piece of art ?

Dude, we all pay for our own funerals here in Sweden. His IQ should start to hit the eject button by now. How low can you sink ? And what is the point with such a low water mark article ? It is on the verge of hate speech if you ask me. but hey, it is allowed to bash "anti-vaxxers" - anything goes, anything is allowed (under the umbrella of DN.se). Anti-vaxxers is a remarkable piece of wording, given that most Swedes are and have been in favor for vaccines (before Covid) and the general uptake of vaccination is more than a whopping 96% are vaccinated.

But that doesn't occur to Alex Schulman. I don't think he even understands what a real vaccine is, and what the Covid-19 injections are not from a medical scientific standpoint. (regardless what laws want to make them as by definition) - they are not vaccines per se.


Alex Schulman fails to inform...

Omicron spreads across the world. Yes. But he utterly fails to mention (or lies about it) that Omicron is by far the most mildest version ever, due to the sudden mutation of 34 proteins on the virus' spike protein where it normally attaches to the ACE2 receptors in human cells. (Remember that the original virus have been lab manipulated in order to make it extremely easily attach to from animal to human cells).

However the Omicron mutation version is so far off it's origin, that it has become "incompetent" - because it now barely can attach to the human ACE2 receptors. And therefore you see only very mild symptoms in people. The spread of Delta was much faster then that of Omicron - but the media tells the opposite version. Yeah, because they want to shut down societies again (which is what we see now), in order to cover up the Vaccine Injuries, now that we see a wave of life threatening ADE reactions - which medical scientist have been warning us ever since May 2020, that if you create a Corona Virus vaccine, where all animals died (cats, ferrets, etc) in test trials due to ADE earlier, you will face an onset of severe illness if you give it to people.

This Antibody Dependent Enhancement effect, means that the double and triple injected people, get much worse illness when they come anew in contact with corona virus. The unvaccinated do not - because you can never get a second time Covid, and the non compromised immune system creates antibodies and remembers in their B and T cells, ALL aspects of the virus, not just against one single protein with the Covid-19 Vaccines do. The "Vaccines" effect vanes within 2-3 months turning into 0% efficacy. Since when do we have vaccines which do not prevent illness and needs indefinitely boosters ?! It either is a vaccine - or it is not. The ones we have now, are clearly no vaccines - and they aren't. They are experimental, emergency (non fully) approved, genetic injections.

As Dr Robert Malone, who is the INVESTOR OF mRNA VACCINE PLATFORM (Pfizer & Moderna). He now stated that there is no advantage for anyone to take any of the Covid-19 injections (based on mRNA or vector vaccines). Not even the most endangered people have any advantages compared to the damages. They too, should refrain from getting injected. He is by the way double Covid.19 vaccinated. But is now called an anti-vaxxer. Can somebody explain to me, the logic behind ?

SUCK IT UP, SCHULMAN - and stop lying to the Swedish people. You may one day be the person who faces trial, in that you are not to be believed by the people, and they will not find any "empathy" for you - who shoots out pathological lying hate articles against groups of people who still can think and dare to read deeply into the Covid-19 Plandemic's real whereabouts behind the curtains.

It isn't the first time you have been raving about people, and using them for your own agenda to get to the hall of fame which you so desperately and cheaply tried to archive. Now you are doing it again with lies and deceit, and with help of DN.se as a new platform (The more the merrier it seems). What a match in heaven. One day, it is a match in hell - due to eager false promotion of Crimes Against Humanity, which you too, will have to face when the tides are turning and the truth finally starts to hit the masses, what really has been going on. Then you are the cry baby. Again.

Boy, you got some nerve.


Newspapers should inform and educate

- not pissing down with hate onto groups of people they define as being a threat to society, deniers, and anti this and anti that. It's always the same trick. As soon you are critical - you are a nazi. That kind of thing. Writing articles on front pages with narcissistic bullshit by pseudo reporters, who pave their way into the spotlight. How low can low get ? I guess it pays the bills, right ?

Alex Schulman is in the roots so emotionally broken, it's undeliverable - which may explain his eagerness to both please and to provoke. That man has (and indeed had) serious Daddy issues on which his fame is based on in the core.

So, there you go. Slaughtering and burning a group of people publicly, knowing that he will get pet by his DN bosses. That's easy, don't you think ? Floating with the stream only dead fishes do.

Declaring groups of people as being "liars" - is easy, when you get caressed by those who pay your bills. That Alex Schulman can't feel empathy - I am not surprised. He can't feel empathy for most people here in Sweden, and only can, when he can use people for his own agenda, so what gives ?


The Denial of Crimes Against Humanity, 2020-2021

So, in essence it is us people, who deny the now global Crimes Against Humanity being committed. Like people did back then, before and during World War II. And we all, no matter who, will face the consequences of these terrible crimes being allowed to continue in every corner, street and house around the world, in the past, in the presence and in the years to come. We will have to face the truth behind it all one day, what it means to bury your head into the sand.

- 160 -