It is such a strange experience, when images after 35 years suddenly appear... vivid, precise, lively, detailed.... coming to life to directly, you know.

I am not even sure how to put that in words - because, well, my experiences are mine. And yours are yours. We may or may not be able to compare. We may even think or feel similarities. The kind of, which older people used to tell us, when we were young...

And yet, I believe that the individual personal experience of each woman, man and being, is highly personal, intimate and has many layers - including the hidden layers and all it's aspects that dwell beneath. Of whom not all are easy or clearly definable.

I really don't have the right words for it, because there are so many subtle flows embedded at the same time. Distant, becomes close and familiar. On one hand, the spirit of time was different back then, at the same time, it isn't totally different either. Or perhaps it is this: the WINDOW through which we look - is exactly the same window. It is in us: we experience the present time though the same window like we did 40 years ago. Still through what we perceive as "me" or "I".

And so it will be in the future, as well. That future will one day be "here and today", exactly like it was back then a long time ago.

So strange. So strange.


Grandmother Elfriede

I got hold of the color negative films, in which my grandmother and I had hilariously fun, and I of course, made photos of her back then, when she was in that mood I often inspired her to (which she then day after often had a "bad feeling" about and used to say "Youngling, we can't play around like that, late into the night". It was as if she had to excuse herself for letting out here strong child, which absolutely loved to play, fool and joke. She was an amazing woman beyond anything I have ever met. A stunning woman and a very complex human being, deeply scared from the events of her life in the past.

Oh, Oma.

In the background it says "mormor", which is swedish and means "Grandmother". The bag she put onto her head, was my camera bag... *LOL*

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