I like this image. Not even sure why. It shows a scene from the Central park we call "Kungsträdgården" in Stockholm City, back in summer 1986.

The lovely big trees are all gone, replaced by some cherry trees. But back then, in summer the previous trees where big, green and lush - simply wonderful to go to those rather primitive stands at the side of the street having a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun. So, classic Stockholm in the 80s. When things felt more innocent - and they were more innocent up here in Sweden - like a pond, removed and offset from the crowd of the continental buzz. In good and in bad, I may add.

I have no idea why I took the photo - but love that I did it. When you look at it, it could be taken today - because it doesn't really look like an image taken 35 years ago. The Fujicolor HR 100 film still retrains good color quality - which gives it a rather modern timeless age. It could be from summer 1985, or from 2005, or even summer 2019 would work.

So, I likely walked together with Danne around at "Kungsan" Summer 1986, having coffee outdoors somewhere, while stopping by at this spot, taking a portrait of the guy who makes a drawing of the woman's face. I had a simple mediumformat camera, called Seagull 104 - which is a 6x6 camera with a simple triplet lens, the 75mm f 3.5. When I got it, which was relatively affordable, it smelled horribly industrial, like everything you got from the East block or China. But back then, it was rather rare, to get your hands on a Chinese camera.

The people in the photo are 60-65 years old today, if they are still alive.

Imagine that...


Summer 1986.

I still lived at Olle's place at Vidargatan street, near Odenplan, my boyfriend to whom I moved to in 1984 after I left Berlin on 17 April 1984.

Priminister Olof Palme had been shot on 28 Feb 1986 - and life was somewhat different yet at the same time, still the same old Sweden - the kind of where the state took care of their citizens - albeit to the steep price of immense taxes people paid. We even had "luxury" tax on simple products like hair products, I remember. Cheese cost 30 Krona per kilo. Cigarettes where 18 SEK per pack. A 100 krona bill could get you far. The inflation was huge, around 13-15% annually. For 100 SEK, you would get 30 Deutsche Mark as the relation was 3:1 - but then fell just years later to 5:1.

The Summers of 1986 and 1987 were terribly bad, cold and rainy. They were one of the worst summers in modern history, especially 1987 was plain bad. I also remember that the rains of summer 1987, made the summer vegetation unusual lush !

I remember that temperatures into August during the 80s, never went above 20°C, but remained more like 15-16°C - and I felt that was strange for being a summer month - that it would feel that chilly up here so early into August months. It often felt more like early autumn, and the winds started to pick up , making ... well autumn like.

I assume I took this photo on 1 August 1986, but it is guess work in order to give order to my negatives through time. It could have been in the end of July when I took this photo. Or even June 1986, who knows.


Weird whereabouts of summer 1986

It was also during this summer, I separated from my boyfriend, and took a state lawyer, which was successful by granting me permanent residence and permit to work in Sweden. My boyfriend had a strange plan in the works, to change the locks of the doors, to shut me out without telling me. While he on a business trip to Germany, stopped by my grandmother, telling her his plans. She had to promise not to tell me. It was a pretty sinister plan, and she felt extremely unsettled.

But unexpectedly I broke off the relationship to him, without I knew his dark plans as I got a place of my own, a room in a student hotel - and I moved out within a week. That took him totally aback, and he could never perform his little strange plan. And Grandmother Elfriede was so relieved, because she didn't had to break his word she gave him while also relived that she felt that she hadn't conspired against me. (It really put her in deep conflicts, she told me, as she wasn't prepared for that sudden visit Olle did, by just showing at her door in West Germany, and on top telling her, that he secretly wanted to throw me out).

Really asshole-ish, if you ask me - conspiring like that behind my back, trying to pull in my Grandmother. It's a low water mark.


Youth Hotel, Nybohovsbacken 300

So, I moved into that youth hotel at Nybohovsbacken 300 above Liljeholmen station in the South of Stockholm, and for the first time in my life, I was truly on my own feet in life. Which was a very weird feeling, I can assure you that !!!

The 33 warts I had for many years on my hands and gotten pretty bad, even started to encroach my face, - all disappeared within 3 weeks. I noticed that the mother wart, i had on the inside of my hand for 9 years or longer - started to weaken. Intuitively i knew, they all of them would disappear. And they did.

Kind a cool, don't you think. I was happy about that, of course.

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