It is cold outside, with temperatures between -7° and -9°C today on Christmas Eve early afternoon. The grounds are covered with 2 cm snow here in Stockholm - which makes Christmas 2021, into a White Christmas. And most likely it will be a much colder month compared to average normal because it is expected to remain colder than normal until the last day (where it is believed to become milder, above 0°) for a two days, until it plunges back into another cold period after New Year.

Overall, it would be a colder than normal December and the last time this happened was Dec 2012. It is not all about "global warming", you see.


If we don't watch out...

We have forgotten that Scandinavia is after all, a subpolar country. And if we do not watch what we are doing, we may face some very serious heating issues, lack of energy, extreme high electricity prices. Speaking of prices, my own electricity bill in Stockholm, has already increased by 100% within one year.


Ending nuclear powerplants without true replacements

The decisions of ending nuclear power plants without true replacements that actually make sense, and instead using unreliable, erratic inputs from wind and solar power - has the consequence of making the grid highly unstable, because there is no counterbalance enough to be put into the grid. Every new input needs to be balanced with the equivalent amount of output !) If this can't be met - they need to take off parts of the grid, in order to avoid cascading.

Cascading would collapse the grid in a domino effect, taking down several countries, even half of the continent - being without electricity. Cozy city eco fans, don't even understand the meaning of "green energy", which is one of the most unstable power sources. The more you have of that - the more likely you get monumental blackouts. And it has been close several times, that part of Europe were close to a total collapse (due to the cascading effect). Stability is everything !

"Green Energies", makes the grid extremely unstable. A lesson we have to learn. Or better said, the blatant lying Politicians should learn their lesson - or perhaps - should make up their mind - which power they serve: foreign powers and interests, or the people.


The total corruption of Politics 2020

The last thing politicians appear to serve, are the people. Never ever have I seen politicians so unanimously serving destruction, illusions and favor extreme expensive, counterproductive decisions. Democracy has become a Cargo Cult - a shallow, empty casket of wishful thinking, showing off a version, that hasn't existed for quite some time.

It is almost like a disease, that has spread into the all of the far corners of Europe, making you realize how extremely corrupted Politics have become, serving foreign interests, wrapped into glossy package just for consumption for the masses. Probably because we, the people thought, democracy and justice would "handle all by itself", so we were busy with other stuff during the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s. Corrupted corrupted itself because we let it - like a snake eating it's tail, destroying it's own creation.

Very, very sad.


Merry Christmas to you all.

- 165 -