Born on 25 December 1921, my grandmother Elfriede would turn 100 years old today. She passed away back in 1994 in Stuttgart and the story behind ain't pretty... It's a very sad story, involving distant relatives who misused her after she got a stroke (?) in 1990/91 - and had to be with people who could/would take care of her. Those people however where the same people who once tried to steal from her... as well the same people who used their own mother in law as a "taking care" case earlier, in order to get to her money while treating her bad. The same then happened with my grandmother. And when she was sent into a hospital-care home - they never even told me in Stockholm, with the words "What could You possibly do".

They hated gays, and the husband in the background, would utter harsh, bad words while i spoke with the wife on the phone, I remember. The closest relative in my grandmothers family, wouldn't even be considered getting informed. I was furious, and it ate deeply into my heart for a long time. It was true, what could I do back then from Stockholm. But that didn't excuse their attitude. People, who had plenty to hide, do many strange, even plain ugly things...

It was very ugly story at so many levels. But none of that matters today.


Happy birthday, beloved Oma.

I love you endlessly. But you sense that always. And so do I, what comes from you.






The image above

is actually a color negative I have never scanned before. So, it took litterally 24 years, to come to the fore today.

The image below

I assume comes from 1965, before Mom (17) and my father got married, the parents of my parents met - but my father wasn't raised by his mother, but by his grandparents, my great great grandparents (i think it is called in english ?)



April 1986

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