Krister loved to stand portrait for me. He loved the camera and felt it was exciting. And back in those days, with analog photography - it was simply wonderful with people who loved the camera. It wasn't as speeded and fast like things are today. Back then, people were capable to sit still and go slow.

Today, it is like everything thinks everything needs to go fast, and that you have to move and take this and that position... and god knows what else.

It doesn't have to be.


Fast or slow ?

I prefer the slow way. Albeit I have been caught up by the digital fast speed type of portrait movements, too. I mean, when I have a digital camera as my main took in the photostudio - yes, you are suddenly very flexible indeed.

Back then I used a tripod with a twin eyed Mamiya C330s camera - and any movement of the model  was a bit difficult because my living room (which was also my photo studio) was relatively small. The studio flashes where close positioned - so if the model would suddenly would move a half meter closer to the flashes - the exposure would been compromised. Or I had to change the angle of the lights in order to compensate. My studio flashes only had full or half strength. Nothing else.

To make them weaker - I had to do all kinds of tricks. BUT IT WORKED, TOO !!


So, generally we worked slow paced.

I would tell them when to hold position and "freeze" so to speak. Otherwise it was all up to them how to move or what to do. I would just give an input a little here and there, and then say stop - when I had the feeling of that it looked really good.

And from there - we worked together. In fact, most of the time, it was all a creation of togetherness. They could come up with an idea or a movement, or a phose, then I could give a hint or suggestion how to take a pose slowly. It went like... back and forth. And it was fun, so fun !! They where eager and felt relaxed. No hurry, no stress - and no concept of having to constantly change position only because the camera said "click".

It was really an intimate cooperation. Intimate in the sense of very personal. Like saying "just you and I"; we worked together - and it was open, what things are going to be.

Truly fun. Truly relaxing. And yet, with a lot of curiosity and playfulness ! Yes, that is what it was; a merger of playfulness together !!

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