The year was 1992 and 1993 - and I was very, very much into competing at various photo contests, mainly in Sweden and Germany. Usually they had a theme - and I would sit down in the bathroom, making "brainstorm" and "association" charts, trying to come up with photographical ideas. Both common ones as well trying to find ways to "play outside the box" with more unusual motives.


Publications & Prizes

And I was pretty successful. After all - I have had over 100 publishings and prizes (mainly in Germany in magazines like FotoLabor and especially FotoMagazin, who loved my type of photography back then in 1992-1996) which were the years I was most active.


"Kraft" / "Power"

The above photo came to be, when I read about a photo contest with the theme "Power". So, I made all kinds of images with that theme. I invited Bosse and Per-Olof into my studio, and from there we worked together with various phones. It was a tricky studio light, to get it right. Against, my room was not particularly broad, so the studio flashes where close to the people I took portrait of.

We were actually three people, because Bosse also had a friend who came over, too. In some of them he was in it as well - or better said, his hands where in it.


The photo session with Bosse and Per-Olof was interesting

- because there was some serious physical attraction going on. They had never met (i think), and being half naked (upper body), and Per-Olof sheer physical masculine presence, really had a big effect on Bosse. I felt the spark of sexual energy, I remember. Not that it was anything sexual - but there was a power thing going on between them. Bosse being the softer one, and Per-Olof to the right, the raw kind of guy...

Many years later, I then heard Per-Olof telling me the story about them having a sexual encounter - and boy did it smoke. He never told me bach then, nor did Bosse. I didn't know if that has something to do with the "Swedish Way" ? Everyone in their bubbles... **LOL*


(not outspoken) Erotic tensions

Back then I remember the sexual tension was masked with gentle jokes and interesting, kind of slightly nervous laughter between them. Per-Olof on teh other hand, had (and has) extremly coarse humor... like the big guy from the country side, like a farmers guy.... And he will roll over anyone who comes in his way. That was Per-Olof. Bosse on the other hand, is the well mannered, kind of disceet guy, like a higher class guy (but he had no attitude or anything) - just very mannered, you know. Buy hey, deep down, he loved the animal, I thing.

Just didn't spill the beans about his secret desires...

Therefore, the image is interesting, because of the lingering (albeit in the core, very innocent) tension between both of them during that photosession back in 1992. Gosh - that's 29 years ago !!!


Many images

We made many, many photos that day (perhaps it was at two different occations; the first without Per-Olof, and the second with Per-Olof). The first session I believe was just goofying around making both serious porteaits as well funny ones. The second was about the "Power" theme. Yes, that is how it was.

And the unspoken theme  was that sort of erotic-discreet back and forth swapping energy between the two of them...


Cure, amuzing and it was innocently fun.

Then what they did later between the sheets - well that's up to them. But I heard it was extremly rounchy. While Bosse had this kind of... I am not sure... discreet, type of nobel way of being. A little bit like a nobel man, Östermalm type of guy. Deep down however, it showed later - obviously - that he was all in for the really big gun, steamy, rounchy and rough. But there is nobody to blame - we all have more or less rounchy corners in the back of our minds - sometimes in the most surprizing, unexpected way.


Bosse is now a distinguished mature man, but looks still pretty much the same - very handsome as he was back then. (I really have to scan all those portraits, I realize !!)


He must be 63+ by now.

I saw him a couple months ago at the Hötorget station ... but you know how people are... they are so focussed on God knows what, or perhaps nothing at all - they often don't see much from their surrounding, or the people in it.

I on the other hand, see many people, and I do pay attention.

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