The original Holga 120 was and is extremely flimsy - and that was the idea of the whole thing. To do photography against the tradition of sharpness and perfection.



Lightleaks, Dark Corners and Blurriness

So, instead you got light leaks, blurry images especially in the corners - plus that they were very dark. And there was just one shutter speed, which I believe was around 1/30 second. On the original one from the 90s, you didn't even have any "B" (Bulb, or longtime exposure setting) nor any way to adapt a shutter release cable). I am not even sure, if the original Holga 120 had any built-in flash. Well, those I bought in 1998 did have the flash.

In the latter iterations of the Holga, you could get more settings and stuff. What of course became hugely popular were so called "Holga Mods". You would modify your holga camera. I did it too, in which I simply took away the shutter mechanism, so I could with one of my Holga's make longtime exposure, and not be so limited to the single shutter speed anymore. That was before I even knew about Holga mods. Or additions for the Holga that could be "printed".

Here you see that there are all kinds of versions and colors available






One thing I hated about the Holga

was the flimsy back held up with two clips on each side *hurrrk*

Now those would easily release the back by accident, and your film get's all exposed (destroyed). Because the clip to the side also served as a should strap. Not a good idea. After I loaded the camera with film, I put tape on the side, just so to prevent it from falling off. I mean it was cheap plastic, remember... The clip would hold very long for what it was designed for.


Diana started it all

The idea of toy cameras isn't new. the idea isn't new, and wasn't even new back in the 90s - even if it for me was very new. The original was the Diana camera, another iconic flimsy 6x6 (?) plastic toy camera which became a cult camera. And yes, if you specialize into that kind of photography, believe me, like in every niche - you becomes very good over time.


"All the many wonderful things we could do...."
  How did that turn out ?

But for most photo interested people... it turned out to become a consumption feast while hot, and then things turn quickly not so hot anymore. A camera itself can only to some degree help you to get unique images. The real magic in photography is -  You - WHAT and HOW You Fill It With. And believe me - it ain't the ego which comes out as a winner. Many people appear to think or have thought, they are the shit - producing "art", yet it still remained shit. And the "spotlight never last longer than 15 minutes, anyway. Or "The spotlight is never as bright as you think it is" I once read in the end of the 90s in a mainstream media in Sweden.

So. Now what ?!


It ain't about fame.

It is about getting beyond yourself; going beyond your EGO.

That's for example why there was a saying "kill your darlings". It is also valid in photography. Get passed by your ego, if you really want to discover and deepen your photography.

It is about having fun, and while you are at it, exploring the nuances of what you can do with a tool.


Instead - we jumped from "flower to flower"

and without even caring, destroyed it for those who came after us. Well, many photographer with help of the internet buzz - jumped all onto the bandwagon of buying second hand, analog gear  which became more and more affordable - which was once extremely expensive. But it also had a lot of other effects: Photographers would make blogs, and bought every three weeks a new second hand medium format camera system... and so on. It became high consumerism. We all had sprinkles and glitter in our eyes. We all wanted to own the stuff (what ever your heart desires, and now it became more affordable). I did the same shit...

I has NOT made me into a better photographer, but rather an overweight, lazy shithead, who can't get this thumb out of his ass, and do some real photographical magic. Now that I have in essence a complete Mamiya RZ 67 professional system with almost all lenses.

Now what ?


GAS Syndrome

Yeah. That's I'm saying. A lazy, overladden bitch - who when he got it all - didn't so shit. Then I do have to ask myself, what was all the buzz about ? Gear Acquiring Syndrome, most likely. also known as GAS.

Until the market became empty, and the rest of the shit that remained, became totally overpriced. The effect it all had, was nothing else than first dumping prices until they sky rocketed. Greed and more greed. Consumerism and more consumes.

Or perhaps it all - because we people get bored, and no elders step in, to show how the magic shit really is done - from the roots and up - and you sit your ass down and LISTEN. That is why God has given you TWO ears and ONE mouth: listen twice as much, as you speak.

Bam !


The Elders

The elderlies are good in regard of their knowledge, the fine tuning, the trips and tricks. And you should pay attention and listen and learn. They have (hopefully) dignity, professionalism, and real passion. Learn how to do things for real - then you can divert from the rules. Because you understand then, why you are doing it. Not just because somebody said so, or for the sake of just doing "this and that".



I like the word "younglings" from the StarWars world. For me it is actually a word which contains a certain level of respect. Youth is meant to be Youth, as long Youth is Youth. And then - you move on. Do the Padawan thing.

Youth is great - but without steering wheel it becomes psychotic. And Age is great, but looses touch when not in contact with the world, the people, the powers in it, e.g. including the young ones. They are all meant to be together, not separated. EACH ONE learns form the other. That is part of the whole, you see.

No man an isolated island.

The world is more, than what meets the eye. And when you think you got it - you will later learn, it is just a tiny, tiny fraction you discovered more. I don't say that with disrespect. I mean it humble - that there are always need doors that can open, once you learned the lessons. But never be vain, and think you "got it all / understand it all", or "Is that all there is ?!"

Nothing could be further from the truth.

- 176 -