Holga Camera Models

Holga 120S - The default Holga camera (now discontinued).
Holga 120SF - A standard Holga 120S, with a flash.
Holga 120N - New default model featuring a tripod mount, bulb mode, and a factory 6x6 mask.
Holga 120GN - A Holga 120N with a glass lens.
Holga 120FN - A Holga 120N with a flash.
Holga 120GFN - A Holga 120FN with a glass lens.
Holga 120CFN - A Holga 120FN with a color flash
Holga 120GCFN - A Holga 120FN with a glass lens and a color flash.
Woca 120G - Woca is a Holga with a glass lens.
Woca 120GF - A glass-lens Woca with a flash.
Holga 120WPC - A wide angle pinhole camera.
Holga 120-3D - A stereo camera with two lenses.
Holga 120PC-3D - A stereo pinhole camera with two pinholes.
Holga 120TLR - A TLR version of the Holga 120N

Well I learned something

from the list of all Holga types - which I had no clue how many actually existed. Also; I had no idea that glass lens version existed. (or I have forgotten). However, the glass version isn't much sharper or any sharper... so I have heard.

Anyway, I am not in for the Holga - I have three of them (albeit I am not even sure where they are...). I am more into the Agfa Click and Agfa Clack right now - to see how they perform... I could however dig the Holga's up again, just for fun....


❤️ Happy New Year to you All ❤️

- 177 -