A phenomenal, almost 2 hour long, interview with South African Doctor Shankara Chetty about Covid, Virus and his findings after having face to face treated more than 7000+ patients, of which none died, and none went into the hospitals. All treated with On Label drugs.

He has some unique findings, e.g. for example that there illness changes character vastly at DAY 8 - going from viral into being highly inflammatory, very much like an anaphylactic chock; like an allergic reaction !

The main factor is the SPIKE PROTEIN (an allergen, as well toxic pathogen) - and it is not the virus itself that is the problem. The Covid-19 "vaccines" are the culprit for many diseases (and cancers) due it genetic manipulative nature, by forcing (overtaking) the body's cells to produce the very pathogen; an artifical spike protein - which the immune system then is attacking, including the body's own cells that produce the pathogen.

The body turns against itself !

The artificial vaccine induced spike proteins our cells make (without off switch) - go to the blood vessels, destroy the finest of tiny blood vessels, create blood clots, necrosis in tissues, attack lungs, spleen, brain, liver, intestines, and the heart, eyes, reproductive organs in women and men - which though inflammations creates tissue destruction.

I don't have to tell you, that when heart cell tissue is damaged - they are NOT replacing themselves. Once damaged, they are gone. Therefore the Covid-19 vaccine's have dire repercussions in terms of heat damages, as well neurological damages in nerves and brain (leading to cancers, Parkinson, Alzheimer)


It is now a Pandemic of Vaccinated Injuries

This is one of the worlds most compehensive summarizations ever done at the Corona Investigative Committee - and I highly applause for the doctors fantastic investigative medical radar.


Dr Shankara Chetty
at the 82th Investigative Corona Committee


Dr Shankara Chetty
at the 82th Investigative Corona Committee


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