It was on 18 Jan i got sick - during my week vacation - and then got worse - so I had to call in sick. Albeit only for one week, and i returned to work. But it was again going worse, before I got better only now, during the past days. Working while having what is called a "Walking Pneumonia" is pretty tough ! But since I had no fever, it was doable. With fever, I wouldn't have made it - no way.

So, during the past full months, it was only 1 day i had high fever right at the beginning. That went over quickly. Instead it was the weakness together with the crazy intensifying coughing which stole most of my energy - to the degree that it sometimes felt if my chest would explode. It got so sensitive from the coughing, and sharp headaches for every cough. HURRK !!!

Because of the pneumonia while working since 30 January - I felt easily exhausted after every night shift or when going out doing grocery. Somewhere however I made a judgment call, understanding that i could actually work. It was not out of foolishness.

My interpretation of what happened was, that it likely started with a flu - and then after i first got better, even went out for a couple of nights - it suddenly shifted into a "walking pneumonia", changing character. What came out from my lungs, looked pretty typical for a bacterial infection of some kind.


Anyway. It is over now.

I only cough a few times a day - and I have more energy. It might not be 100%, and still got some light coughing - but my chest is peaceful, doesn't hurt, nor does it eject any kind of stuff. I never used antibiotics, either. (mainly because this pneumonia didn't result into high fever and felt within the range of having been manageable - if i just gave it enough time, and rest).

And boy, did I sleep in between my shifts. All my free days went - mainly for restoring myself with sleep and easy activities at home.

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