There are in my opinion two ways how to perform macro images...

You can do it the romatic / dreamy and playful way - where sharpness isn't really the main attraction. And you can do it the hyper sharp, microscopic way, in which every little facette in the eye of a fly becomes visible.

I admire those who make those hyper sharp insect images, with focus stacking - which is just so incedible like i have no words for it. I am not sure if that is my style - I would have to test these things in real life, especially when the OM System 90mm (180 mm) Macro comes along - because it is a LOT closer that I've ever been able to get close to. Especially with 1.4x teleconverter it get's me down to 3x macro - equivalent to 6x macro in fullframe. Those are worlds I haven't even dreamed of to explore. And I have no idea how my results will be... But it is an interesting option of course.


Dreamy Closeups

At the same time, I also like macro images, where a single details is sharp-ish, and the rest is beautiful blur. Dreamy kind of images.

Like Julia Volozh did back in the 90s with her feather closups. She only used spacers between the camer and her normal 50 mm lens. She created fantastic dreamy landscapes from colored feathers and had several exhibitions here in Stockholm before the family moved to Germany.

Incredibly beautiful !


Julia in the woods of Stockholm, Nacka • May 1996 - taken with Mamiya C330s

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