It is kind of strange though, that I suddenly got so "caught" into the thoughts of doing macro. I am not sure why it hit me, like that. I really hope this isn't just a "bypassing fly" and then the interest cools right after. That would be a rather expensive "fast fly"...

I did invest into very simple spacers (so called Extension Tubes) for the Micro Four Thirds system. You know, those third party Chinese ones, such as Meike. So, that part didn't cost much, in order to get closer (with any lens). Those spacers look like the illustration below. You put them between camera and lens in order to focus closer.



From earlier times and more moderate price levels - I still have a couple of achromatic close-up lenses - which are highly corrected enlarging lenses, which you put in front of a lens - in order to get closer - with good quality and no light loss. While spacers do result into light loss.

I notice that these today cost a little fortune. They were relatively expensive back in 2015, but now they can go for prices from 70 - 140 Euro.



I have read from OM System ambassadors, that the very popular Raynox DCR-150 close-up lens, didn't work with the new OM System ED 90 mm / 3.5 IS PRO Macro lens. It created blurry images, and showed lots of chromatic aberrations. If this also applies to the Marumi Achromatic close ups I sometimes use, I do not know.

Frankly, I only bought the (weakest level) achromat Marumi lenses in order to get a bit closer focus with some of the Olympus lenses like the ED 75mm f 1.8 (and for that it worked really very well). I never bought them for true Macro work.


Forget the cheap close-up filter lenses

And forget about the simple, cheap "close up" filter lenses. They degrade sharpness heavily, have no more border sharpness, and show heavily chromatic aberrations. Perhaps they are "OK", for dreamy "close ups". But I personally avoid them at all costs. Because... (been there 40 years ago, done that - wasn't fun and looked awful).


For the time being

One step at the time.

And by the way, WINTER is coming to Stockholm. Like real winter, snow and temperatures constantly below 0°C. It means that springtime with flowers and inects will have to wait for a while...

- 7 -