Up to 40 cm snow depth

The past days and nights, have resulting into quite deep snowfall - in the east Achipelago of Stockholm, in places like Stockholm-Djurö, up to 40 cm snow depth. In the City of Stockholm 28 cm, and here in Snösätra and Rågsved around 19-20 cm snow.

Temperatures plunged already before the storm, below -20°C in cold places far outside of Stockholm, like Tullinge and Norrtälje. And again after the storm anew, with Norrtälje once again down to -22°C. This morning it wa Uppsala Airport being the coldest with -20°C.


The temperature issue in the city vs suburbs !

City Center is a huge warm air bubble, so there you have your climate change and everything else you may wanna throw on it. There we sometimes got 15°C higher MIN temperatures compared to the extreme cold hole places far outside of Stockholm. But how do you deal with this meteorologically, statistically and when and how to make comparisons ?! I find that is has become more and more difficult - because of the huge MIN temperature differences between city, and in the suburbs.


Cold, where I live

Here in Rågsved, in the southern suburbs a but out from the city, had down to around -11°C, possibly even 13°C (I didn't check that so much, really). While Tullinge 7 km from here, the another typical "ice cold hole", known for it's low minimum temperatures, reached -20°C.


Icy days, below freezing

So, we are back into deep winter. Albeit I must add, that the daytime temperatures were rather "ok-ish", while still staying below freezing, mainly around -1°C to -3°C - which keeps the powdery snow alive without getting muschy, but it doesn't truly feel cold.

It is during clear nights, it can feel bitingly cold. If you aren't dressed properly, I mean.

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