It was probably the the biggest surprise, and the most well kept one - that I have ever encountered. I was going up in the evening, half-naked in just underpants - babbling to Sal while trying to get my brain together... and then more babbling, taking my time and everything... As he then was talking about the legs of a table - which we try to fix (as the legs have disappeared when they renovated the basement many years ago).

Sal said, "I didn't find any legs, but i fixed it in another way". at this stage i had already clothes on. Oh no wait, I am leaving something out. As I was talking to him in the kitchen, i kind of noticed a sort of "delay" in his reactions. Kind of like "Did I forget to ask you something ?". It felt like something was "held back" about or in him. And just to be sure, i asked him.


Surprize (Big Eyes)

That's when he informed me about that he couldn't find legs for the table, but did fix it in another way - and then showing me to the other room (whose door was closed). I opened carefully the door, with my mind still on the table... and there sat CECILIA AND LETI, all quiet - and I got like these BIG BIG EYES...

They have planned this for a month, coming from Turin in Italy, to Stockholm and secretly surprising me for my birthday. So, Sal has been 100% silent about this, and I never had even the slightest hunch...


To the Airport instead

Sal never went out to search for table legs - he was going to the airport, in order to meet Leti and her daughter Cecilia. And then there where here in our home - silent - because I was still sleeping. And Sal was so worried when I walked around more naked than not, that i by accident would open the door to the other room - so he was a bit nervous.

It was by far one of the most awesome, most surprising events I have encountered. I mean to plan something like this - and that they would come all the way to Stockholm, just for a couple days, for my birthday.


They are family !

Leti and her family (daughters Cecilia and Ludo) are very dear. Leti and Sal have been best friends all the way back in school. And she is a very, very special lady. And enormous fun, too. And deep. And funny. And her daughter Cecilia - wow - shat a girl. Talk about girl powwa. This energetic being, really fun to engage with - and i think we had a really good time together. I like her very much. Of course Ludo and Ceci are different in their way of being. Ludo is calmer, and gentle but has a beautiful spirit being. Ceci is more out and sometimes in your face (and she is a bit older, too). So, in discussions it can really get heated - but there is a great heard behind her, even if we have totally different opinions.

I actually got very good contact to her, and she is so responsive, which makes it easier for me to engage (I've always been a bit shy when it comes to teenagers and young people around 20-25). But with Ceci, it was like constantly joking, talking and exchanging opinions / listening.

Very fun.

Absolutely lovey to have them here. You see, they are like family. And so is Ruth, too. They belong to our bigger family. Having them here, is every time truly, honestly - such a joy !!!!

A simple thing like this: to sit at the same table in the morning, all four having breakfast. Oh my god, it is so beautiful. I love that. I've always loved that, when it happens. Maybe because it was so rare in my "family" when i was a kid, you know.



Claus, Ceci and Leti at a new café . Outside - cold , windy and snow-muddy *hurrk*



Sal is calling Ruthy in Sicily

- 13 -