I got sick again (albeit I work) - but I am not sure what exactly hit me. It feels like it is the same source which started when Ruthy was here in mid January. This "Walking Pneumonia", thing. Not good, nor really bad. I got fever against yesterday evening, 37.8°C and felt anew kind of wobbly. And through the night shift I felt it of course - and took two naps during my break, when I had nothing to do - or was finished with my job, before driving out the train from Vällingby depot.

I have taken a glass of water, added 4 ml 0.3% CLO2 / CDS, for a second evening in a row - and will continue to do so a couple days. Eventually that will kill off any germs which are not well oriented towards my body, creating illness.

I'll work tonight, and then I am off three days. That helps, too.


Nevertheless - the fever has vanished

As i measured this morning, after I got home, it was only 36.3°C. But the ill feeling is more or less the same, with one gland on my throat being sensitive / thick - and trying to swallow make it hurt a bit.

Curiously, Sal also had a strange feeling in this throat - so we may both have come down with something. For me, it could have been, that during my birthday, we walked in that cold, windy snowy-watery-musch several kilometers, and overall where out and about for 6 hours.

I was totally exhausted when I came home, and the next day, i felt as if a truck had rolled over me.

Last time I was sick back in mid January, I was only off work for 7 days - but the walking pneumonia lasted for at least 6+ weeks (with persistent coughing for 2 months) Working back then, was at times quite tough because I felt the weakness in my body (Very slowly - it got at least a bit better along the road). The reason I haven't taken any antibiotics was, that I didn't feel bad enough for antibiotics. You know, like really bad, the kind of illness that keeps you in bed.

Sometimes you can actually clear out a mild pneumonia.

The body can handle milder cases by itself. And that was my thinking, even if I constantly thought of antibiotics lately (because i had the feeling that it never fully cleared up).

I also like the balance of my bacterial flora in my intestines - which would get destroyed with antibiotics, and therefore I am rather hesitant to take them too easily. They are not candies. They are anti-biotic. Which translated means "anti-life" or "against-life". Interesting name, actually.



So, while antibiotics are a great help for many infections - I am more reluctant about taking them - unless I am getting very ill - then I would consider it appropriate. Now I have fresh CLO2/CDL - so, I go that route instead. (CLO2 is an oxidant, because it releases extra oxygen, which kills germs, and exists as salt and water and CO2), and then gets expelled through the kidneys. Bacterial resistance can never occur with oxygen. And if one wants to penetrate even better, a little bit of DMSO can be added.

Actually CLO2 does a lot of other interesting things; it oxidizes heavy metals, it binds/destroys glyphosphate, it also attacks parasites (which are in many cases the real reason for people getting cancers, and it removes bio-film). It also targets bacteria (the kind that makes you sick, I mean. I am not talking about beneficial bacteria)

However, you need to do special protocols in order to eradicate parasites, because that takes a while (e.g. intracellular parasites). Another anti-parasitic substance and anti-cancer treatment, is the Nobel Prize winning Ivermectin as well the highly effective Fenbendazole (de-wormer). The latter is often what people use for treating their cancers.


DMSO + antibiotics

Also when taking antibiotics, the addition of DMSO, is very good, because it will remove the bio-film (as does CLO2, especially in combination with DMSO). it is often behind the bio-film that germs tend to hide or survive antibiotic treatments (which increases bacterial resistance against antibiotics).

By adding DMSO, you make the antibiotics penetrate even into the pockets of bio-film in which contain bacteria and parasites.


The Powerful Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) and yoghurt's you should eat during and after the use of antibiotics - in order to restore the balance in your gut and intestines. This ensures that the "good" bacteria dominate of the not so good ones. This ensures also that you don't later get illnesses due to wrong balance among your bacterial flora in the gut ! Many people don't think about the causation... (unbalanced / destroyed gut flora vs years later getting typical "western" illnesses). The gut flora, it's dominating bacteria play a major roll, and it even influences the brain (!) dependent on what kind of guy flora you have.

Sauerkraut is extremely effective as a pro-biotic, way better than the "pro biotic pills", you can buy at the store or over the internet for often high prices... take it a couple of weeks, and it will help you to restore your gut flora !


June 2007

Actually I did clear out a really bad case of pneumonia once (without antibiotics) back in early summer 2007. But it was not fun, and there was a time with great pain involved (as i couldn't breathe deep. When i tried, it felt like a hot knife was stabbing my chest)

The problem was, that this went on in two waves - with a middle that was a bit better. And there, I went to the doctor - but was in that moment "pain free". So, she didn't believe me. While I felt like a stupid dog, and went home again. Then the pneumonia flared up again to the same high levels around 40-40.3°C 40°C and that stabbing pain in the chest every time i took a breathe.

That was quite the adventure... but eventually it passed.


Up & Down Fever

Interestingly, later in the evening - before going to work I had once again 37.8°C fever. But when I got home, I had only 36.4°C.

Well, what should I call it ? It's flippy-flappy




17 March 2023

The fever is gone as of the time being, and the swollen gland has gone down. It is still there, but not as pronounced. Only my throat is still a bit soar, but swallowing is now much easier. Everything else, feels actually great. No dizziness or strangeness in the body. It is fascinating to take CLO2/CDS in that regard, i must say.

This evening - no fever.

- 14 -