It is only the tiny tip of a mini cactus, on which I focused with the new OM System lens, the ED 90mm f 3.5 IS PRO Macro, and went almost all the way to 2x "Super macro". There, i took 110 focus bracketed images - which i then aligned and blended in Photoshop. It didn't work 100% flawless, so i had to retouch a little bit (mainly in the lightest areas of the cactus).

But for a second attempt, i felt it was so impressive getting to see very fine details which my eyes definitely weren't able to see. I mean you see now every single cell in the cactus... i feels like wow.


Fascinating world

Just look how tiny that cactus tip really is... and then, how many details can be seen when going really close... Yeah, it feels super exciting to be able to do this type of photography. It really is a first time for me, ever to penetrate the Macro world that close.

Yeah, I know. There are people who are working with 10x macro... but that is for me an overkill. But kudos for those who have those skills. I have seen absolutely astonishing images in that regard. But for myself, I think this is a nice intro in the world of macro. I may be able to go up to 4x if i adapt the 1.4x tele converter as well a step ring between camera and lens.

The mini cactus' skin reminds me of a reptile... It's just fascinating how mother nature works in the small. I would say, it works flawless, simple divine. While a tip of humanity, are like the Sorcerer's apprentice, playing god... with RNA and DNA...

Talk about hubris.



Surprisingly bright aperture at 2:1 Macro

The new Macro lens has an open aperture of ƒ 3.5 - and as i went down to 2x macro, it was a surprising "bright" ƒ 5.0 aperture. Like OM Systems actually stated in their info site.

I learned that when you go to down to 1:1 macro, you loose 2 stops of light. Now going down to 2x macro should be a reduction something like 3 stops ?

But this is not the case with this macro lens. It stays at ƒ5.0 instead (wide open aperture) - making it a lot brighter at 2x macro, than what you would expect from a ƒ3.5 lens at 2:1 macro. (I thought it would drop to something like ƒ 9.5). Why that is - I do not know. Perhaps because it isn't a fullframe lens ?

No, I really don't know.


Leofoto Carbon Mini Tripod

I love that new mini tripod. It performs very well together with the new (Innorel N52) tripod ball head. It's very solid and smooth. Without going into more serious "low level located" macro work, I wouldn't have bought such a mini tripod, I may add.

Also: the tripod ring from the Olympus ED 40-150/2.8 PRO lens, fits perfectly on the 90mm macro lens, too. That way, i can turn around the camera between horizontal vs vertical position without having to remove the camera not change anything on the ball head.

Very handy. Very nifty.

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