Yeah, today we've got the season's first 10°C in Stockholm. Preliminary as follow;

Floda + 12.8°C
Eskilstuna +12.3°C
Örebro + 12.2°C.
Norrtälje / Svanberga +11.9°C
Adelsö +11.9°C

Stockholm Bromma Airport +11.9°C
Stockholm City +11.7°C
Uppsala +11.5°C
Sala +11.4°C

Where I live, in the middle outer suburbs south of the city, we just reached 10°C. The longer out towards the sea you go (into the archipelago of Stockholm) the lower the MAX temperatures. Berga made it to something like 9.5°C, Skarpö 9,9°C - while Svenska Högarna barely reached 5.5°C.


Now, around 17.00 close to sunset

- the temperatures are lower in the Archipelago to the eat; where Skarpö reports 7.1°C, Berga 4.4° and Svenska Högarna much further out in the Baltic Sea, only 1.1°C, and Söderarm 4.4°C.

While the City at the same time still reports 10°C, Arlanda Airport, 10°C, Uppsala 11.1°C, Norrtälje 9°C.


Transition times in Stockholm

It looks like it - albeit that's always a bit tricky for early spring time, because of the sun. If there is any, while it is cold, it still feels like a landscape touched by early springtime... you just can feel it, that spring is close. And when i say spring, i mean the kind of Scandinavian spring, not the central European spring, where there is green everywhere, and flowers burst out (that would here be more like May).

Our spring, is more like winter in which spring is start to show with first signs. A flower here or there, typical for transition times. With Crocus and similar type of winter-spring flowers.


Winter returning ? Yes.

The outlook they show today for the next 10 days at SMHI, is super boring. A dark cloud for every day, which would correspond to overcast weather for the next 10 days. Well, we do know out of experience, that this will not be the case. A model shows a model, not reality.

People tend to forget the relevance in these matters. While reality, is often quite a bit different.

Nevertheless, the prognosis calls for winter weather conditions, from Sunday, after first a bit of snowfall - which also should last on the ground, due to that the temperature prognosis is predicted to stay BELOW 0° even during the day. At least until 31 March 2023. Even then, it should only go up to something like +1°C or +2°C, while during the night, going down to -5°C

Such conditions would be quite cold.

Because - normal MAX temperature for Stockholm City this time of the year around end of March, is +6°C, at night 0°C.


American GFS model prognosis

They all change underwear like..., well, like 'pleasure beings'. As of now, they too, insist on the return of winter conditions in and around Stockholm - albeit with more snow than Swedish SMHI calls for.

A sudden plunge below 0°C already on Saturday, 25 March, with plenty of snow - somewhere between 10 to 15 cm. That would make the landscape very white, indeed. Temperatures below 0°C all the way until 31 March 2023.

Then it would go into a typical early springtime mode, with frost at night, and a few degrees above 0°C during the way, but nothing major.





Weather Diary at or around 23 March's
(years of 2002 - 2022)



22 March 2022

Another month of march, which resulted into many days above 10°C; 12 such days, up to 14.7°C on 20 March 2022. But also 18 frost mornings. Actually the last days of March 2022, were chilly. Even in the centre of Stockholm, temperatures went down to -5.2°C, reaching only 3.1°C during the day - clearly below normal.

During the night of 29 March 2022, soft hail like snow was falling, covering partially the grounds with a very thing coating.



21 March 2021

Another mild March month, which started chill (yet normal) but then towards the end got plenty of 10°C days towards up to 14°C. All together 9 days above 10°C. and 15 frost nights, -5.8°C at the most in the inner city of Stockholm.



23 March 2020

As the World got sucked into one of the biggest psy-ops in history, illegal removal of democratic basic rights, and a wealth of lies and fearmongering, by weaponizing the flu into what was feared as the most deadly virus. Never ever has the world seen uniform set of phrases spoken in unison by most governments and "heath" authorities around the world. It was also the biggest transfer of wealth from poor to rich people. While they talk about "caring" and "it's for your best". It's kind of ironic, when you think about it. In reality, they destroyed huge amounts of smaller companies and livelihoods around the world.

I was stuck in Sicily and couldn't get home to Stockholm. We were more or less "locked" into our homes, and it didn't feel good. It felt that something majestic was wrong at all levels... but I had to study and read and learn, the many why's going on, behind closed doors. And so I did for the next three years, almost ever day / night.

The weather in Stockholm... It was a very mild March 2020, almost no frost, and temperatures ranging from 4°C to 12.4°C. The coldest mornings of March were: on 22 March 2022 with -4.6°C, and 31 March 2020 with -4.5°C.



21 March 2019

I was flying to Sicily already on 20 March 2019, and as you can see, there was barely any snow on the grounds. The days around this time were normal, which means a MAX of only -0.7° to +6°C, and frost at night.



22 March 2018

While the days during March 2018 were mostly on the plus side, sometimes up to 7°C, the night were still frosty most of the time, down to -6°C in the city, and colder in the outskirts. Therefore, while there wasn't much snow in the end of March - but there was icy creations visible during the nights.



20 March 2016

March 2016 was rather on the mild side, often showing days with temperatures at or somewhat above 10°C, and now much frost. But there was a day when snow fell, such as 20 March 2016 - making the landscape all of the sudden appear white again. So, the numbers didn’t really indicate so much of that, yet snow did fall and last a little while



21 March 2015

23 March 2015

It is kind of strange, because this photo suggested that end of March was rather on the wintry side. Yet, that is now what the statistics tell me. So, this must have been a brief event. Because 17-19 March 2005, we had temperatures ranging from 11.5° to 13.0°C.

After the partial solar eclipse on 20 March, snow started to fall in the evening. Next day the MAX was only 1.6°C , and night frost fell down to -3.6°C in the city enter on 22 March. That is when the snow must have fallen, still visible on the fields in the night of 23 March 2015, you can see above. After that, the MAX temperatures were moving between +4°C and +8.5°C for the rest of the month.



23 March 2014

There was barely any frost (or snow) during March 2014. I believe the coldest nights in the city of Stockholm was a mere -2.2°C on 18 March 2014. The MAX temperatures were mainly around 3 to 7°C most of the time, but some peaks registered above 10°C, with 14.4°C at the most on 28 March 2014.



23 March 2012

A very mild March 2012 we had - with the first day reaching above 10°C already back on 29 Feb 2012. Then it would take weeks until 12-13 March reaching 12.2°C again, and another mild period, between 21-28 March with up to 15.2°C. making it very pleasant and sunny at times. Barely any frost at night, other than early march 2012, down to -5.8°C. in the city centre.



23 March 2011

March 2011 was more on the mild side. On the day of 23 March 2011, we got 7.7°C at the most, and +1.3°C in the morning. It would then fall back to frost nights, and only 3-5°C during the day. But Daniel and I flew to Hawai'i on 23 March 2011 - so I didn't experience the weather at home...



23 March 2010

The winter of 2009/10 dumped huge amounts of snow before Christmas, creating one of those really snowy and cold winters - and would continue for a long time until march, where things started to thaw. On this day, it was -0.9°C in the morning, and 5.6°C during the day. This would increase to +9.5°C on 26 March and then hover between +3 and +7°C following days, and on 3 April even reach above 10° with 11.8°C. However, it would still take many weeks before we reached the 20°C. threshold on 15 May 2010.



23 March 2009

Today, Stockholm city recorded an ice day, was the temperatures did not go above 0°C.

At night it was down to -7.2°C cold (22 March 2009), and during the day -0.4°C. Therefore the snow showers left lasting snow on the ground. After 31 March, a springtime period would take over with temperatures up to 16°C. making it really feel like springtime. On 11 April 2009, it would even reach 18.7°C, and on 26 April a whopping 20.9°C.



23 March 2008

It was icy -7.4°C this morning in the city, and of course colder in the outskirts. The first would last until 27 March. Snow was still left but melting, as a milder period started to take over, especially 30 March 2008 and onwards, driving the temperatures all the way up to 12.7°C on 1 April 2008.

In Stockholm, the lowest temperature was -7.2°. It was equally cold on 22 and 24 March. In fact, 22-24 March 2008 was the coldest day of the season in the capital.



23 March 2007

More like grey days, with normal temperatures. Which means +0.5° at the minimum, and 3.6°C maximum. However, next day on 24 March 2007, a very mild period would take over, with temperatures up to 16.7°C at the most, which is very high compared to the normal max of 4.1°C this time of the year for Stockholm City. Later in (26th April) it would reach at the most 22.8°C, which is exceptionally high, but not a record.



23 March 2006

This was a very, very cold March 2006, and only days before i went for three weeks to Turkey (Antalya), while Stockholm City temperatures fell down to -13.5°C, Enskede where i lived -16°C, and the outskirts whopping -22°C. Snow was dominating the month of march - and was -4.5°C colder than normal in our region. On this day, the MIN was -5.5°C. and the max +2.9°C. but would then fall down to -8.7°C next morning. Talk about ice cold !! You have to go back to the bizarre cold March of the 80s to find lower temperatures. (1985-87)



23 March 2005

There was still snow on the grounds on this day, but everything started to melt considerably and got muddy. A couple days earlier, we had two ice days, e.g. not going above 0°C, and the nights down to -10°C. However on this day and forwards, a period started with temperatures up to 12.9°C on 24 March 2005. Another mild period would drive it up to 16.5°C on 4 April 2005.



23 March 2003

No weather photo... but morning Glory - and it ain't me. He sure was sexy that morning, light softly seeping through the window shades... And we seemed to be so in love. Those days from an illusionary perspective, where truly beautiful, no doubt. And we made beautiful, sexy photos. The light was indeed so romantic and soft, held in warm shades - that it literally was one of those sexy moments during our youth. Well Perry was 31, and i was 37 - but very young in both minds, with lots of laughter and jokes. For what it was, isolated, and time standing still - yeah, it was beautiful thing.

Just on the day before, the temperatures rose for the third time above 10°C, reaching 13,8°C on 27 march 2003 as well +13.5°C on 29 March 2023. I remember semi naked photos we made, (snapshots) at his balcony on Olof Palme street in the city, which was right in the path of the latter morning sun. A very mild period - which however, went into a very chilly period, starting on 30 March. On 6 April the MAX in Stockholm city was only 0.6°C with snow showers briefly covering the entire landscape- The nights went down to -5°C in the city itself, and of course colder in the outskirts.



23 March 2002

Daytime temperatures were around 1.6°C on 22 March 2002, 3.9°C on the 23rd, but at night frost down to -2.3°C. However, it got warmer every day, until reaching a whopping MAX of 14.5°C on 29 March, which continued similarly above 10°C, until 3 April with 13.7°C.

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