Nice little macro lens, indeed. For this image i used a semi-professional mini tripod, which can go extremely low. And since the Olympus ED 30/3.5 Macro lens has such a short minimum focus - it was an ideal combination. The image 14 stacking was made in Photoshop. I do however see, that Photoshop has some perks, which show small areas which are blurry rendered instead of sharp (see in the bean that is located in the upper left side). I have not found a way yet, how to prevent those artefacts.

I am not yet ready to pay 190-250 € for advanced photo stacking software like Zelene Stacker or the Helicon Focus...

I mean, my motives I use via Photoshop are not really professional. It is a matter of private, personal photography.



It's truly fun !

It really is. And the biggest rewards comes from using a tripod. Well, this far, I have only used it indoors - so tripod actually does generate higher quality. I don't know yet, how it works outdoors, when the light is much brighter.

Anyway; tripod & focus stacking/bracketing makes images truly shine even into the smallest details. It is the same experience from the (analog) film days. Images simply got (a lot) better technically, once you use a tripod. (I am thinking of bigger cameras like 6x6 medium format, especially).

The fine details just pop. I love that.

Or better said: I both like romantic images, with lots of background blur, and fantasy feeling. At the same time, I highly apprechiate sharp, fine detailed images, as well.

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