Well, both SMHI and American GFS where wrong in terms of snow. A fact is, that no snow lasted on the ground, and there simply wasn't enough precipitation to begin with. At least not in Snösätra nor Stockholm. Yes, it did snow - but not much was left as i walked home from work early morning, around 05.30


Took my mouth too full

But the temperatures have fallen, of course - now below 0°C - which will likely last for a couple of days. But there is nothing big about it, nor is there any big winter to speak of. I took my mouth to full - that's what happened *LOL*


Up to +12.7°C in the South

Interestingly... at this moment, while Stockholm is -0.4°C - on the island of Gotland, +8.1°C are recorded, Gladhammar reports +9°C. The highest temperature measured today (preliminary) was in Lund, in the South, with +12.7°C.

That was (to me) unexpected...


-33.7°C in the North

It was very cold this morning in the north of Sweden, in places like Nikkaluokta with -33.7°C, Karesuando -31.3°C, Pajala -29°C, and Naimakka -28.4°C


Temperatures now in Sweden

It has warmed up in the extreme north of Sweden, not was fiercely cold as it was this morning. Just between -19°C and -10°C. In the South however, it is very mild with up to 9°C. In the Southern middle of Sweden, a front zone separates the cold air from the milder version in the south, explaining why it still could reach up to 12°C in the South, while Stockholm made it barely above 0°C.



Ice days ahead

Nevertheless, the cold air will swoop down over all of Sweden, and into Germany very soon. According to GFS, temperatures in Stockholm should stay below 0° until Friday, 31 March 2023.

So, winter it is, albeit not in any big way. Some snow will fall, but it doesn't seem to built up due to the lack of sufficient precipitation. From 1 April onwards, it should warm up a little, going above 0°C. Nothing major, and still on the coolish side compared to the 1991-20 climate normal.


SMHI says

They have a slightly different model, expected for example 9 mm precipitation on monday, which would result into 10 cm snow. Well, I wonder... And temperatures down to -13°C on Thursday, 30 March.


One day this, tomorrow that
day after tomorrow something else

The funny thing with SMHI is, like any other model, that tomorrow it all will have changed. We also get to hear how climate will turn out in 2, 20, 50 to 100 years - together with the deeply corrupted IPCC (which are not scientists) IPCC an political institution of bureaucrats / Gray cats / translating what the scientists wrote sometimes quite fuzzy, simply because final evidence is lacking. Nevertheless, this is then transformed into shrill propaganda text - which then is send out to all governments. Who then restrict your rights, democracy and pull out even more money out of people's pockets.

Except from their own. They hover in on the bonuses, instead. To say and do the shit they tell citizens. Well not to mention Bill Gates sponsored news papers around the world. Don't get me even started. how messy that all is.


When entities tell you CO2 is bad
Same CO2 - which happens to be the Gas of Life

There you have the same politicians who forced people to take experimental, genetic, often lethal shots injuring hundred millions around the world, together with "vaccinated" climate religious Greta under the umbrella of UN and other shady "philanthropic foundations" and NGO's, screaming their lungs out, that the world comes to an end. Because of frikking CO2 - the bogeyman. And almost ever fucking company, speaks in same ways like whores, how to save the planet, and compensate, or release less CO2.

It's again, one of the worlds most stupid phrases ever created.



Which just happens to be the Gas of Life on which almost ALL plants rely on, as their food. In return they give us and animals oxygen and food. Plenty of food. Did people forget Photosynthesis ? Apparently, yes. But hey, CO2 is what needs to be taken away. Which is the most stupid idea of the century, if you ask me.

Well, Greta wrote already back in 2018 in a tweet, that the world will irrecoverable end in 2023 due to climate change. "She" took away the tweet recently. The girl whose mother claimed, that she can "see" CO2. What is this ?! A witch hunt ? It's a cult. We go like sheep into the same direction, like back in the days, when they killed women, who had knowledge about herbs - by burning them at the stake, for witch craft.

Now, we are making people crazy about CO2 in similar ways. While the real destructions in soil, food and medication - never gets addressed. On the contrary; more shit into soil, food, and bodies. let's do more genetic tinkering. The elephants, the real ones, are never addressed or spoken of.

But hey, CO2 - is the bogeyman.


Cold is the killer

They want you to go back to colder climate, which means far more deaths - because cold is the true killer. Not warmth. Look for a moment on the graph below. Annual deaths caused by cold vs heat. Quite the difference. That's where they want you to go, into a colder climate.



Hubris & Business Sharks as usual

Which itself is hubris, to think you can own the climate. But that's exactly what they are trying to do. Buy pulling out money and the rest of wealth that is left. As if the Plandemic and wars are not enough - now we have to do the final thing; climate change. Safe the planet. In reality, they laugh all the way to the bank - and you are the fool who isn't invited.

You are only supposed to do the shit work - for them. You know why I am so angry ? Because people in the spotlight lie so blatantly - and we follow that shit, they tell us to do in the name of "safety", "security" and "necessity". Save lives. Save the planet. War for Peace.


False Prophets run the asylum

Didn't turn out very well in the past. Did turn out very bad for people during the Plandemic, too. Why do we believe stupefied, well paid politicians who absolutely don't know anything about climate ? Why do we believe semi retarded prophets who didn't even finish school and call upon the end of the world, who also happen to see invisible CO2 ?

Why are we clapping hands for sex obsessed, spotlight hungry flashing disco balls declaring in front of school children of 10, that hey, any man can be a woman and have their periods - and that you can just take anti-puberty blockers in order to decide your sex ? Without mentioning the devastating consequences of sex changes have on the body, through chemistry tinkering with your hormones and life ?

Yeezaz. What a mad house.

No! It's not ok.

- 24 -