Funny and interesting how very little icicles can reveal such a wealth of fantasy once you get really close. The image above was made with the new OM System ED 90/3.5 IS PRO Macro lens, on tripod - and it really paid off. Compared to earlier images i made with the Olympus ED 30/3.5 Macro lens free hand. Which was very nice, too - but the latter really made me tick.

I just love these new explorations... so much the bare doesn't see.

Photoshop doesn't work 100% flawless in some fine details, when it comes to image stacking... but it is OK for what I used it for - mainly in my Personal Diary here.

The new OM System Macro lens does stand apart from the small Olympus 30 [60] mm, and even the 60 (120] mm. There is something... special about how the 90 [180] mm renders. Maybe because it is in essence a tele photo lens of 180 mm which does blur the background way more than a 60 mm focal length does. The image of the icicles makes this very clear.


Icicle with the small Olympus 30 mm Macro

I can show you one, I took (hand-held though) with the 30 (60) mm macro lens. Nice but different, with a background that isn't entirely blurred out. The house wall to the left is still visible. Not that it bothers me really but when i took the same with the 90 (180) mm Macro lens, on tripod, the background was like... gone. Turning the icicles into a stylistic type of photo.


I like tripod made macro images better.

It is where the macro lenses really shine. Of insects with hand-held, stacked images - I have no clue how that will turn out. Time will tell. But as of now - it is WINTER. Like really winter, where everything has turned while (although the snow depths is something like 0.3 mm deep). Yet, the super fine grained snow, managed to make the entire landscape turn white again.

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