It is so fascinating... I can't stop *LOL* I mean it is so fascinating with macro in combination with focus bracketing, and then stacking. This makes macro endlessly more interesting. And now also being able to get a lot closer than I was used to... it really opens up such a splendor of worlds... As nature has so many fascinating patterns, lines and shapes... it makes your head spin.

It's just so beautiful gradually to discover.

I never thought this would "bite" me like that. I mean i really took a big change on Macro - deciding suddenly that I would go into this area. I did not see it coming, nor had I any previous particulair interesting in it...

But it took me with storm - that's for sure.

It is not like I am at it all the time. I only do a few motives a day, when I have time. But this activity grows from day to day, collecting more and more motives which i experiment on. They are motives of simple shapes, not even particularly special - and yet - I find it all so interesting, highly fascinating to explore.

A lot of joy !

Unexpected Joy !!

- 26 -