The other night temperatures plunged to -22°C in Norrtälje, which is a place 80 km NE of Stockholm. Those are extreme low temperature for this time of the year. And this morning, on the first April of 2023, temperatures went down to -14°C in Norrtälje. Even in Tullinge it plunged to something of -11°C (preliminary). These are extra ordinary low temperatures for the beginning of April.

This should give us a moment to think...

what if the global warming precedes possible ice age like conditions in the near future ? What would you, we do - if that a scenario turns into the opposite in reality ? Are we prepared for the opposite (Global warming) ? There are no plans for a little ice age - what so ever.

Which makes us extremely vulnerable if the temperatures starts to plunge in general in the near future. Such scenario, our authorities and stupid corrupted politicians have absolutely nothing prepared for.

Because they only walk into one direction - the one what is meant us to believe. The Global Warming scam.

Usually prior an ice range, the temperatures tend to spiral out into warmer than normal temperatures - until suddenly they start to plunge. But that, we are not honestly prepare for. That is the kind of climate which kills the most. It isn't warmth, it is cold which kills 20x more people than heat.

Strange that we so utterly believe the people who tells us to be our leaders... It is so utterly strange - because when you scrutinize their "knowledge" - there isn't one, what so ever. They have absolutely no knowledge about climate. It is as hollow like an empty vessel. Tabula rasa.

And those, we put our "faith" into.


- 27 -