When i woke up before noon, looking at the thermometer at my balcony... it says just 2°C (which is wrong because it gets altered during morning and noon). The official temperatures are even lower. Between 0°C and +1.6°C in Stockholm and close surroundings. Well, that's quite low, if you ask me.


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The normal average MAX temperature for Stockholm City this time of the year, is located at around +6.6°C (1961-90) So, we are certainly a lot below that. Actually, it is getting colder by the hours: at 13:35 the sky is filled with snow - and my thermometer shows + 0.7°C, while other parts of Stockholm report 0°C, South of Stockholm near the coast, even -1°C.



-25°C April record in Uppsala (year 1808)

Is it unusual with such low MAX temperatures ? No, it isn't. Without sunshine in combination with cold air, you can get low MAX temperatures, and even lower, in the beginning of April.

The other day SMHI wrote about the town of Uppsala, which i located around 80 km north of Stockholm. They wrote that the absolute record minimum temperature for APRIL there was -25.0°C. Wait, let me pull it up and look exactly: They wrote text about the 1 April 2023 having been unusual cold in Uppsala:


"In Uppsala in Uppland it was -9.8° (1 April 2023), the coldest since 1966 when it was -11.4°C. However, this is not far behind compared to Uppsala's April record of -25.0°C from 1808."


I thought that was startling cold.

Literally bizarre cold - and I wasn't even aware of such cold temperatures. Albeit I should have suspected this - because it has only been during the last week of March, when for example temperatures in Norrtälje plunged several times below -20°C. Actually, it was on 30 March 2023, when Norrtälje had -21.3°C.

So yeah, why not; -25°C in Uppsala in the beginning of April 1808 suddenly doesn't seem so totally out of hand. It shows you what is possible in our region, when arctic cold air comes to rest over a snow cover early April.


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