Dire consequences of we continue the same propaganda roads

People misjudge what is possible within the normal range of WEATHER. To be honest - I am really not sure, if it is good idea wanting to go back to colder climate - because it would have absolutely devastating consequences for people under such conditions. In so many ways.

It is the "Green Eco" people, who lives in the inner city, who have these weird, illusionary "dreams", and weird images of climate and weather ? What do they really know, compared to the people that ACTUALLY live on the country side ?

Sometimes i get the feeling that inner city people are so removed from reality and real life, that they stare themselves blind to the words of false prophets.

What are you doing in a "little Ice age" for example - when other functions of society don't work anymore. Politicians and the State aren't Mom and Dad, you know. Get that into your head.

It appears that we are heading into that direction, if we continue with the "climate change" insanity politics. (With many measurements sold as climate friendly, but in reality are exactly the opposite). Just look what an electric car really "contributes"... It doesn't contribute to anything positive at all, in terms of climate. It is a hoax.


Running a society, all with Electrical cars & other vehicles
in a polar country - seriously ?

And electrical car is an expensive bloody hoax, sold off as "climate friendly", and only a few actually could or would benefit from it. The majority has to pay dearly for the consequences of such dirty technology, the extreme energy prices, the vast limitation of batteries. How many times can you afford to buy electrical car batteries every 3-5 years for 10000 € !? Do you even realize the shit that is required to make such huge batteries ? Do you even know how devastating that technology actually is to produce ? The many young lives spilled in order to get Cobalt and other rare metals out of the ground ? There is nothing, absolutely nothing environment friendly, green or Eco about electrical cars. NOTHING.

It is one of the most expensive, most devastating and degrading types of energy ideas, the parasitic elite has created, for normal people "to buy into".

It is one huge, major psyop.


It must be one of the most insidious ideas

Devastating for land, water, people, wallet and future. It is beyond unsustainable - extreme expensive for the little you actually get, and it is also highly unreliable in terms of safety and security. Have you seen lithium battery car fires ? Good luck with that. Especially when the streets are filled with electrical cars, side by side.

It takes 10 times more water to get out a lithium battery fire... I wonder where you get that from ? I wonder what happens to the houses. To the car parks, to the buildings, when one lithium battery blows... the others will blow, too.

THE WRONG KIND OF GREEN - i would say.


Have we come far ?

Boy have we come "far" (and so quickly): Far away from sanity, discernment and good common sense. It is beyond irresponsible, what we allowed the parasitic elites are doing with humanity, our countries, your lives.

The bills for the insane "climate" politics are so devastating, that it likely will derail the entire economy and sovereignty in (western) countries. Who knows, maybe that is the plan after all... while we get to watch scenes from the podium of the political theatre and satire, blinded by their words.

Which mean: absolutely nothing.



On top of this great climate change subject - we have the warmongering politics - those insane words and accusations without even coming with evidence. Now more than ever, more easily bringing war scenes to Scandinavia. Swedish representatives already outlining to send Swedish "NATO" Soldiers near the Russian borders...

What the fuck, seriously ?

How easy modern "politics", have brought us close to an aggressive, US lead NATO... who seemingly wishes war above everything else (for their failed economical, vulture system, to be reset). Like the banksters always have done by initiating and financing (both sides!) behind world wars and other large wars.

Now Finland is a NATO member. Well, if you have drunken party prime minister... tweeting excited from the rooftops, that we need NATO for safety even in Sweden. That's a lot of crap to begin with.


Experimental genetic and unproven injections

Like we "need" experimental, largely untested, new experimental genetic injections to protect us from the "deadliest virus in human history". Same people tell you same lies.

Now the world has seen 13-20 million people died from experimental injections. a couple hundred millions with severe damages. And every FUCK is keeping silent about it; your politician, your drunk Prime Minister who wants you go into NATO, and your authorities who are in bed with Big Pharma. And we the people who work at various levels, make sure that the idea of a few, is being pulled through. So, we inject normal people, with a deadly injection over longer time. Why we don't see the numbers ? Because the Media is paid off not to write or show them to you. That's why.


The critical 4th pillar of Power

(e.g. Media scrutinizing politics), have switched sides - which since Corona 2020, became far more obvious than ever before. As they almost all - came with the same phrases, same narrative, same everything - and all in common that they all killed off even the most distinguished - but critical - medical scientists and doctors. Which is strange when this happens almost everywhere at the same time.

But - we swallowed it, and followed the Corona Cult under the Umbrella of "Follow the Science". Take the shot. Don't kill your grandmother.


Our tax financed Media - Portals of unified propaganda

The official media became suddenly, unified a portal of worst fear porn about the "deadly virus" (it works always!), stood on top of the "barricades", in favour of unproven, untested, new technology based on genetic injections - and rejected any kind of common sense or god forbid, scrutiny. They all reported urgency, death and "you have to protect yourself, your beloved ones, your family - GET THE SHOT!!".


Italian Government caught to lie, proof has been secured

They got instruction to keep silent about any damages. This dramatic it was for example in Italy, where it has come to the fore, in an investigation, that the Italian Government, with politicians at the top, who have absolutely no clue on disease, genetic vaccines or the real whereabouts of viruses - but instructed the main media in Italy, to keep shut at all cost. Now Bergamo Investigation has now all the literal evidence from emails and correspondence between Italian politicians about instruction they had given to the Italian Media - to keep all negative info shut down. Nothing but good was allowed to come out about the "vaccines" to the Italian public. Nothing bad, under no circumstances.

What Italy did - other countries did in exactly the same way. The correspondence of sms and messages between Matt Hancock and others also have been captured. He, the nerd, who was the Health minister in Britain, showed that exactly the same scandalous things went on in the UK. "When are we going to release the next virus variant?" he asked. How can we scare the public ? One of the many pointing messages... from a Health Minister.

But hey, you think that is nice and dandy ? You think that this is democracy ? And that it comes for free, like a nice breakfast... just like that ?

Stupid, overfed, spoiled fools - that's what we are !

Yeah, Minister Matt Hancock - Next fearmongering wave. The next "variant". And so on. Signed in secret by the Health Minister of the UK. Who was utterly wrong about Corona death predictions. Always even in previous "pandemics". And who "Cried" while smiling at the same time, when we as on TV talking to the British public.

Psychopathic behaviour - sponsored by money and promises behind the scenes.

But it was us, we - the people - who did the bidding for organized criminals (politicians)

How does it feel, honey ?


Explained away and ridiculed whomever is critical

Now, aggressive high mortality rates in many countries are denied and explained away with "Long Covid", the unusual strong fertility problems, the genetic abnormalities in foetuses... and the extreme high amount of turbo cancers which quickly made people die, and continue to die.

All these "people" - help the powers who set forth the idea of genetic interventions by calling them "vaccines". So that we, buy into it. Same politicians, tell us that NATO is necessary, abandoning our 200+ years of peace in the country.

What a lot of bollox.

Then you may wonder, why so many people supported Hitler´s ideas, ideology and propaganda. Do we ever see it coming ? Because every next time, people seem to have forgotten. And things are not exactly showing off in the same dress... but in principle, relying on the same principles of deception, propaganda and corruption (media, authorities, politicians)


Same dynamics active like 80 years ago

You see exactly the same dynamics took place in the past 3 years. How 80% of a country's population very easily abandon everything that is called democracy, in favour of shaming, preferably be striped of their freedom and rights, put in prison, even proposing to ostracise or even kill people who do not obey (who didn't want the jab).

And we use coffee filter in front of our mouths, in the stupid, stupid, utterly non scientific belief that it "protects" against vial particles. Which masks never did up until 2020. And every doctor knew this - it's old knowledge !!!

Since 2020 however - everything changed. As if our brains got hit by lightning strikes - we run around with masks like idiots, in the cult belief - that it protects from danger. And then in many countries masks where forced on people to be worn. If that isn't lunacy, then I don’t know what is.

You abandon all common sense, all knowledge, in favour of a cult - and then go out calling it "follow the science". And shame other people who dare not to follow that crap. Or calling the unvaccinated for "the Society appendix", which they can live without.


"Roll up your sleeve"

And singer Loreén as well Princess Christine of Sweden (and 200 other artists and "famous" wannabe people from Sweden) - and quite many whom are loved by the public for a long time... were part of a large, campaign animating the Swedish people get injected with lethal jabs under the title "Kavla upp / Roll up".

These people made ads for lethal injections onto the public. It is in essence - a serious crime. Nazi propagandist did the same back in the days. Now it all happened legally, in front of our noses, and no fuck really cared, what it actually meant. What it actually did. What it truly encouraged to do.

It is, no matter what, the indulgence of encouraging serious crimes against the population - that is what happened in front of our eyes in 2020-2022, glued everywhere in the subway of Stockholm.

And we were OK with it. Tjohoo actors. Yeaah singers. Jipiii royals. What have we learned out of the World War 2 propaganda which encouraged people to think and feel and do back then ?

We learned Nothing. Absolutely nothing !


Cult pseudo science 2021

powered by a Cult and Belief. But do not ever call anything in question. How is this medicine ? And since when do we make ads for medical interventions with help of actors, singers and royals ?

It just made no sense.

People who sold themselves for money, in a cult of belief, brainless and indoctrinated through the magical words o "vaccine" and perhaps even because "they wanted help others".

Without discernment. Without even looking deeper. It wouldn't have taken long time, to investigate and understand from a medical perspective, that the touted "vaccines", ain't based on traditional vaccine technology. But on a totally unproven genetic technology.


Gene Therapy - a technology which failed miserably

in the past and caused often deaths already on the few, often very ill ones they tested it on. Hollywood makes you think that gene therapy is a good thing and that it works as touted. But you never get to hear from the deaths that follow such kind of experimental (nonsense) "science".

You blame Mengele for his medical crimes during Nazi times - but fail utterly to recognize the deadly recommendations your authorities are supporting in real time. And they still do even to this very date of 5 April 2023 - to take the lethal shots and "boosters", seriously degrading your immune system for every new shot.

And only because you got away playing Russian Roulette, doesn't mean this applies to all others, as well. To tell people that the Covid-19 injections are safe because it didn't give you any damages - is to play stupid or ignorant. Or evil.


Dear EU

The EU decided quietly on 20 July 2020, that from that date on, it is OK to to use genetic interventions en masse, plus calling it falsely "vaccines" (which is medically and scientifically wrong]. The sudden, quiet approval of gene based interventions, which always had been strictly forbidden to be used on humanity.

You got to be kidding me.


2 years later:
20+ million people are dead because of fraudulent, genetic interventions

So. Famous people "support" campaigns and cash in (some do it for free "to be the good guys and help others" - while at the same time, 2 years later - the result: 13-20 million people have died from forced medical gene-based interventions. Several 100 million people, who where HEALTHY, and now have to live with severe damages, many for the rest of their lives. People, who don't get their former life back. Because they have been lied to. From stupid ads like the one in the Stockholm subway, one of thousands which have been created around the world.

It's cheery picking. Like ads do. They don't tell you what's not so good with the product. You are the having to pay the price. But i know your thinking: I hope it works. I hope it doesn’t break.

And that works - until you suddenly got fucked.


You wonder, why the Nazis could dominate...

Because of the people, ordinary people, like you and I and others [i mean generally spoken] - who increasingly played along... As most people did again - but now in a global phenomena 2020-2022. Willingly, quickly, and obnoxiously.

We even switched sides, faster than Hitler's regime was able to take over back then. So eagerly and willingly gave we up our rights, our democracy, our ground laws, our juridical system. And most of all wanted to see that other people who didn't go along, being ostracised, preferably put into prison or vanish from earth.


Propaganda Works

All, just for the sake of an invisible, "threatening enemy". That is in essence, how propaganda works. To make people kill other people. It ain't the parasitic elite per se; They don't make their hands dirty.

It is us, who do the dirty work for them - and anything goes.
It is with us, the people, everything stands - or falls apart.


And once again, we didn't understand.

Many still don't. For them "Covid" and "vaccine", is now past. They don't want to talk about it. They don't want to think about it. They don't mention nothing. And they do not tolerate any criticism (How quaint, isn't it?)

As long people didn't get any direct related damages themselves - they believe the injection worked - and it is all wonderland. Nothing to fear, nothing to see. Move along. And they will do it again. The majority is still blind to the atrocities committed against humanity. With deaths tolls that are 20-30x times larger compared to the Ukrainian & Russian war, and 25x times higher than the real Corona deaths in the past 3 years (which is 5% of the official numbers, really; e.g. 700.000 globally instead of 7 million they advertise today)

700.000 people killed by a corona virus flu (in 3 years), but 20 million killed by the very product which said to protect you against the virus and the disease (but proven never to have protected anything - other than the money interests of Big Pharma)


3 years of "follow the science" - and you get this

3 years, with lockdowns, masks, and lethal genetic interventions, death and damages, present unparalleled high mortality rates in many countries, young people falling down dead, unusual as well constant low fertility rates since 9 month after the introduction of the injections - and even foetuses who get hart attacks (!). And so called tests and studies, which in hindsight now have proven to show, that the pregnant women in the Pfizer "study", of which 87% lost their unborn children.

1223 people died during the Pfizer "trial" during the first 90 days after the release of the experimental "Covid-19 Vaccines" in the regulatory documents. The papers which Pfizer tried to block for the public for 55 years (and later 72 years) - which failed as the US court demanded to release those papers [see Dr McCullough video below]

The first woman (a nurse) injected on TV in the US - died live in front of the camera. You tell me, that is preventative, protective 'medicine'.

I call it toxic snake oil.


'It's a Crime':

Pfizer Knew of 1223 Post-Vax Deaths Just in First 90 Days. "This is the biggest bio-pharmaceutical safety disaster in world history," exclaimed Dr. McCullough.

[video 1.5 minutes]

And our governments where all in on it. Think for a moment, what that actually means... The same people who tell you who our enemies are, and that your tax money, and inflation shall pay for all the bills. While you are telling me - that is all normal, and there is nothing to see.

The Orwellian propaganda did work after all, didn't it ?



Brilliant Ulrike Guérot from Germany

She is such a remarkable woman. Probably one of Germany's most intelligent, highly educated talent the country ever has seen. But - having been ostracised, since she spoke up about the insanity in the German Society and politics.

Ulrike Guérot is Professor for European Politics and the Study of Democracy at Danube University Krems and Founder of the European Democracy Lab.

Hear her words in German your self. 1.5 minutes. Talk about bringing it down to the point.

- 32 -