I sometimes fall into the trap

getting really angry at people in hindsight... like my ex husband Daniel, and others who in so many ways shut down their minds, closed they eyes, pretended not so see, and refused to even think deeper - rejecting just everything that was seriously going on revolving the Plandemic and the lethal injections.

Or Johannes, who always looked at me with sceptical eyes but played along with silence. Almost all approached, were in denial and looked away, or in a few instances got aggressive. And colleagues at work... Or my boss. And another boss among the highest bosses, who didn't even dare to say anything back, when I came up with proven studies regarding the biological damages caused to the body when wearing masks. Which the company tried to tell to the staff as "mandatory", albeit it was by the Swedish Government a recommendation only.

Countless times, in which people failed to realize the fatality in the Crimes that have been committed and encouraged by almost all. And the terrible attempts by the media, trying to freeze out anyone who was critical in anyway. No proof mattered. No common sense mattered.

And now nobody wants to know anything - as if it never happened. And how many had to die. Most people know someone who died because of the experimental, genetic, lethal injections. My old ex from the 90s, Olof Tyche, died quickly from turbo cancer in May 2021. Beloved people in Sicily, died from the jab. A young 20 year old daughter to a fried of Sal, died of the blue just like that. Turbo cancers at my work leading to terrible pain and problems, sneaking illnesses giving much higher absence from work in many, and sudden deaths also occurred.

What the fuck.


How many bodies did you count ?

So, how many died in your surroundings, Mr Daniel Marcellino ? Sometimes i just wanna slap them for their stupidity, allowing such evil to take root in people's heads. Indirectly supporting that kind of shit. Daring to close your eyes in front of so much evil being executed onto people... is a crime itself.

Anyone who is so frikking stupid, who encouraged these experimental, lethal shots, without a hint of thinking a second or third thought - that this might not be such a good idea after all. I thought it is our responsibility, as human beings, to be critical when it comes to totally new, unproven medical interventions ? To make sure, that humanity is not used as guinea pigs and forbidden medical experiments.


I guess we just have become lazy, fat and ignorant.

13-20 Million people are dead now, 100+ million got severe damages they may never recover from. Even more people go medium to light damages.

All because of a publicly and governmental sponsored vaccine campaign was initiated - at times even forced onto people to inject - and hailed by politicians who faked their injections, hailed by Hollywood actors and other local cocksucker bitches who just have to dance in the limelight of BS social media, telling people "get the shots" and "to protect your family". Many of them on top just pretended, which doesn't make things better ?!

Since fucking when did we do global advertising of unproven "medical product" with help of Social media cocksucker celebrities, and put a sticker onto our pages "I did it", "I've got vaccinated". ?! Since when do we sponsor medical product publicly in the subway ?

It's actually forbidden in many European countries.

But hey, who cares, right ?


1 corona death vs. 25 vaccine deaths.

Way more people died from the lethal "medical intervention" called "Covid-19 Vaccine" - compared to the disease during the past 3 years, which globally took 700.000 lives and not 7 Million (but falsely were counted as 7 million death).

Good times create weak men.

And boy have we gotten fat, spoiled and dumb during the past two decades. Where no common sense could emerge in 2020, and 80% of the population was utterly willing to abandon democracy in favour of totalitarianism, ignored basic laws, ignored medical laws and on top to put anyone in prison who didn't want to get injected.

All which in essence was based on lies, illusions and distortions.

To tinker with DNA, is iffy at best, just saying. Nobody, should ever in any way, tinker with human RNA and DNA.


- 33 -