One thing i failed to mention is the unusual close focus you can achieve with the (Olympus) OM System ED 12-40 mm ƒ 2.8 PRO lens. In fact, it is at the 40 mm setting (80 mm focal length) you get the closest focus (or perhaps better said, largest representation). What I never fully understood was, how close you actually can focus ! I mean look - everyone knows how a kitchen drain looks like in size. And there you see, how close you actually can get.

That makes this zoom even further flexible, covering the close range for motives.

Very, very nice !

The sharpness at ƒ2.8 at the closest focus is slightly less defined, but by stopping down to ƒ4.5 you get wonderful micro details. In the photo above i used image stacking made at aperture ƒ4.5

Again, it is a zoom which is truly perfect, and highly flexible for daylight conditions in good light. To some extend even in upper low light (here it depends on the conditions and your motive is fixed or not).


Reference links:

Review & Tests of the ED 12-40 ƒ 2.8 PRO lens, and here the early (Olympus) version was tested in year 2013.

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