I haven't done so much in terms of Macro Photography lately - but I'll catch up on that. Perhaps it has something to do with the weather, which has rather been on the dull site, with more clouds, more snow and rather low temperatures. Even the outlooks is a bit pale. Slightly warmer, but lots of clouds - so perhaps there will not be so much sunshine.


Sal going to Sicily

Anyway, I am off on Sunday and Monday, so I’ll probably will make more experiments. At the same time Sal is heading to Sicily for 10 days, in order to celebrate this mothers birthday, who turns 85 years old. That woman is such a beautiful human being. And lively when they talk on the phone - it is a delight to listen and I often have to smile.

I really like her very, very much ! We all call her mom. Well, Sal does it, and I do it, too.


Sal's Mom

One thing about the family that I find funny is, that the branches are spread all around the world. For example Sal, is actually born in Brooklyn, New York. It was in the age of 11 the family moved back to Sicily, after his father died as early as 42 of age. Sal's mother was actually born in Tripoli, in Tunisia ! At that time the Italians where occupying the country during the Second World War. Yet, she is still also American citizen, as well Italian.

It's just so fascinating where people got born, come from and lived later in other places. I mean, wow, Tripoli, Tunisia. It really sounds exotic in my ears.

Mom and Paola in Adrano, 2015

Paola, Mom and Carla in Adrano, 2015

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