So fascinating... endless fascinating. And there are so many questions raised. And yet... why am I not surprised... or perhaps, I don't really know.

What happened with those World Fair's ? Why did millions of children turn into orphans in Europe / US - and why where suddenly around 1900 so many castle asylums used at the same time ?

How true is our past, our history - and books about history ? The series is to inspire you, your mind, in order to raise and ask questions.

Before you find answers - you have start to asking questions !


A level of Caution :

I do however get the feeling, that apples and oranges have been mixed in these videos and the overall narrative. While on one hand, i feel there are interesting aspects being highlighted - but on the other hand, I would go as far as claiming that there has been "forgotten empires" and "global mud flows". At least not in the past 200-250 years. (further back in time - perhaps. But here we are talking about 12800 years ago. Or during the Black Plaque, cometary bombardment in which fragment rained down on earth creating devastations around the world, e.g. 680 years ago, as well further back in time during the Justinian Plague)

* [Read Mike Baillie's book "New light on the Black Death - The cosmic connection".] which is utmost interesting, from both a scientific perspective in his profession as a dendrochronologist (tree rings science / analysis) - and responsible for the incredible creation of a 7000 year tree ring history... surely can tell us about our history in terms of cataclysms, local as well global events.

The Series "Stolen History" raises QUESTIONS - that was my main concern to highlight. Like the orphans and the castle asylums, i felt was a very strange phenomena. But there are also pieces which felt just strange and outlandish ("Tartaria" and "Global Mud Flood"). I am not a believer in those two, I can tell you that. But it also doesn't matter what I think.

It's about asking questions.

The Video series feels to me, a little bit like mixing many different eggs, by throwing them all into one bag - and that is where it falls apart. The workers skills 150-100 years ago were astonishing - and form our perspective highly undervalued !

Perhaps that we have forgotten what men actually were able to create back then ? Plus many safety laws where not even in place, and the establishment didn't care about deaths of workers... So many grand creations in architecture, were possible - wouldn't be possible in today's world due to safety restrictions etc.

So, what I am trying to say is - raise and keep the questions (and they don't need to answered right away). Leave them open. Ponder about it, let's it dwell a while.

One does not have to buy everything that's told in the videos. I just thought the theory was very interesting (but not all parts of it). At the same time, I am a bit unsure, how far i would go in the claims of lost civilizations (in more recent couple hundred of years, I mean). If they would have said a couple thousands years - then, yes, more likely. Plus the issue at two times, together around 450-500 years have been added to our history (between 250 and 700 after Christ). But not in the recent 250 years.


Insertion of time in our history

There is a lot of debate about the insertion of around 450 years into our history, during a time "nothing really happened, falsifying documents went rampant via the Church, while Europeans were struggling to survive, the Roman Empire fell apart, through cosmic events / cometary fragments rained down creating havoc in places utterly destroying whole cities - which was illustrated in many paintings for example - but ignored by recent historians as "fantasies". That is why i am referring to Mike Baillie's book "New Light on the Black Death - The cosmic connection", if you want more meant on the bones, because literature, documents, paintings around the world, wooden tree ring history globally are compared and analyzed, ice cores, chemical analysis, etc - and in the end, also sayings around the world, are taken in account... giving off a very interesting image. Plus that the narrative revolving the spread of the Black Death via lice, is totally illogical given that the Pestis bacterium only thrives within a range of +4 and 26°C, how can Iceland and Norway in the middle of winter, via "rats", result into decimating parts of the people living there while you have freezing temperatures ? Rats have not been reaching Iceland until the mid 18xx, by the way. But we are talking about 1338... This raises questions, really interesting questions.

But let's go back to the video series, which focuses to a much more recently time, that of 1850 to 1910.

One of the problems in just about everything when it comes to official narratives is, that it only takes 80% truth mixed with 20% lies, you get people off the wagon, leading them into different, possibly desired directions (via nudging). That is why I get skeptical about the "Stolen History" series in hindsight. Perhaps i got too carried away when i watched it first ? Now, I am not sure what actually happened. Something about the World's Fair's is off. It makes no sense to destroy many astonishing buildings. Also I don't understand how they invested all the money into such grade buildings, in times of general poverty. And the many (10-50) of millions of visitors also seems suspect. Who could really travel back then ? The general public ? I don't think so. The rich ? Surely yes, but 10-50 million people, seem very much over the top. In 1850, not as many people lived in the US or Europe, that would travel to a World Fair. And where would you live, stay, get food, leave horses... ?

Questions. Questions. Questions.



it raises interesting questions (and I have no real answers) - and I don't buy every aspect of what has been told there.


Stolen History INTRO - Lifting the Veil
15 min



Stolen History part 2 - The destruction of the Old World
1 hour 18 min



Stolen History part 3 - The Mystery of the World's Fairs
2 hours 8 min

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