After a longer time I checked the Swedish prices in Stockholm Photo stores - and the coffee almost got stuck in my throat... that extreme they have risen.

Inflation and a very weak Swedish Krona currency, plus the general very high film price increases during and after the Scandemic - altogether results into that we now pay almost insane prices. I often heard in the past, that it was "motivated" and "the prices hasn't really changed if you include the inflation", and "bla bla bla".


31 € for a roll of Porta 800 film ?!

I think it is bullshit. The prices have risen beyond any normality. When you have to pay a whopping 31 € / 350 SEK for a single roll of Kodak Portra 800 in medium format... then that is many times more than any inflation we have had in the past that could "excuse" it.

Even certain black & white film rolls from Kodak are approaching almost 20 € a piece, as does Ektar 100 film in 120-format.

It is... really sad.


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