Never so many...

Never have I scanned so many film negatives in such a short time. During several hours, I scanned 650 film negatives. Then of course, it takes a lot more time, to bring them in order the proper way, iron our the worst of the dust particles, and to align them as well to correct them in terms of contrast etc (via Negative LabPro software).

Anyway - it just works absolutely fantastic.

As well it is much more fun now. I always considered 35mm negatives to be a bit tedious to scan. but with the VALOI Easy35 - i am very, very pleased with the result. I also notice better corner sharpness overall - indicating that the negative holder is indeed parallel to the film place. I usually "scan" with a 30 MP camera (ending up with 25 MP images), a Sigma ART 70mm f 2.8 Macro lens stopped down to ƒ 10.

Due to the bright light source in the VALOI Easy35, i often have rather short exposure times - around 1/40s to 1/80s sec ƒ10 - which is much shorter compared to what I used earlier (1/4s to 1 second). Both ways work well of course - i have no problem with longer exposure times.


After 24 years

Kind of wonderful - after 24 years, now having those wonderful tools to digitize classic film negative into high quality digital images...


All about year 1990

So, around 900 negatives i scanned were taken during the first half year of 1990. It was a time where was in the process of becoming a train driver, which took 6+ month education - because the local Railway; Saltsjöbanan, was a real railway, not a subway. So, you need deeper education before you get examined.

Lots of fun people of my old colleagues. MANY memories came back. I also notice that i remember exactly each persons personal gestures, voices and the way they moved their faces, smiled and had characteristic movements. It was as of no time had passed. Even if they don't remember their names - but their gestures and subtle characteristics - where all present. Quite fascinating.

Almost literally "alive"


A strange state

Which created a strange atmosphere inside of me, in which timelines mixed; presence and past intertwined - which is really a weird feeling. Like when you are on a journey abroad - and during the last two days, your "spirit" is already starting to fly back to the place where you normally live. So you are both "here" but at the same time already being "there" (home).

Those kind of feelings, you know.

And it lingers on, too. So when i stopped scanning or working with those images from year 1990, and then went to work - it left traces behind... like mixed time lines, partially being "one". Additionally it also raises funny feelings about "Who am I in 2024 [57yo]" and "who was I in 1990 [24yo]". Then comes the age thing on top, too. And how Swedish society has changed a lot, almost totally. What about the people, my colleagues - who are all 34 years older now. Those who are still alive, I mean...

What happened to them ?

It can get pretty intense inside of me, with all these emotions, questions and lingering thoughts swirling around...


I sort of... avoided images from 1988-1991

When it is about scanning older negatives, I kind of "avoided" the negatives from 1988-1991. I never scanned images of my former best friend Jack from Germany. Because things just turned ugly - and my entire live was in severe turmoil. Well, my guess is, that I often avoided to deal with those negatives. And I didn't feel that the railway portrait images really were that interesting.

But - they actually are ! With a lot of funny and/or sweet situations, too.

1990 • Conductor Marco & Train driver Åhlgren - at Neglinge Station, Saltsjöbaden

Leica M6 with Summicron-M 35/2 and Kodak T-MAX 3200 film (I.E. 1000)


I scanned negatives both of Jack in Rahden, Germany, as well many of my colleagues from the Saltsjöbanan in 1990. And they are both fun and interesting. I guess I have gotten over my resistance - and now it feels good, to finally go back to that era in my life.

But yeah, many things happened starting after summer 1990, and then went into a steep dive in summer 1991 - and then ebbed out winter 1991/92. It is a time I didn't really like to think back about... because it was so chaotic. Well - it was about life changing events, and I used to refer to it in my old diaries as the "Great Depression".

And yet, it gave me new tools - to deal with life, myself and my past. Didn't work out on all fronts - but made me more stable as a young person. More... being able to speak clearer. More direct. A time of growth. Albeit also a time of a larger ego that "organized" me.


The Sorcerers apprentice effect.

The deep scars though, didn't really vanish - and my "newfound powers - didn't really protect me as much as i thought". Albeit i worked deeply with my troubled childhood and past - at the same time - along the road of that depression process - I started then to think "OK, i am mainly done".

Which again much later, would once again bite me the ass... and more work had to be done (1996 and onwards). And then in future, in more periods like 2005+ onwards, 2014+ onwards


I enjoy to meet the people "again", from 34 years ago - and look at them with different eyes, and with a lot of curiosity and interest.

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