Yeah, but this time from very early year(s) of my photography. Which by the way was more finky to scan, because my exposures where... let's just say... not as even like a couple years later. I seemed to have used heavily Kodak T-MAX 3200 and pushed it to ISO 3200 - which made it contrasty, poor in shadows, and often also over developed, rather grainy !

So, it wasn't as fun to scan the negatives from 1988 - compared to those from 1990. I didn't have a Leica M6 yet, and relied on my Canon T90, but lacked knowledge over how to develop films better. The real sensitivity of the Kodak T-MAX 3200 is only 1000 - which when you develop accordingly (like in Kodak D76 1+1), it turns out finer. But in 1988 i used the aggressive Kodak T-MAX developer... which often lead into too dense negatives.

Well, it was in the early days of my photography. It was in early 1988 i developed my first black & white film. I used mainly color negative film and color slide film, and made prints on Ilford Cibachrome de Luxe paper in spring 1987.

Black & White came last for me *LOL*

1988 • Leif doing goofy things in the woods

1988 • Going into position...



He must have been around 48 years of age, when I took these photos. He borrowed the Hasselblad camera from his work at the police - and we made various images on the boat through the Archipelago of Stockholm, and at the place where we swam too a sunbath / swam in the sea (albeit I don't remember having in the water...)

The expression in the main photo is so lovely - and very different from the photos i have of him. It is one of the few glimpses in which he looked so relaxed, free from the burdens of that time (in the end of the 80s in his profession at the police). He looks... well, it is a wonderful, lovely look on his face.

I love it !

So, the large photo - is really my absolute favorite of him... he just shines, you know. And there is that glimpse of his humor, of not taking him too seriously.

He was a large hunk - very tall - and big, oh yes. But the best aspects i remember of him, was that he was just a very grounded guy and with a goofy sense of humor sometimes, and eyes which hinted on that he can have a poker face.

I am sure it served him very well in his several professions though life, in the corridors of power, and everything that goes on there.... From Stockholm, to Bruxelles to Lyon and back.

I only know him a little in private - and appreciated him from that perspective. Today i realize, that i know basically not much about him - or what he has been doing in his life and professions. Or anything about all that what goes on behind the scenes...

Strange when i think about it.

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