Yeah - it is one thing to really speedy "scan" 1000 film negatives during several hours - but then to correct them properly, to tag them with ID, as well printing out labels on the physical film sheets with proper number, plus the individual numbers in the computer .... all has to be aligned.

Boy, it takes TIME. I have been working several days on those last 1000 negatives. And I am still not done with the digital part (conversions, filling in dust, straighten them, contrast corrections etc).


Kodak T-MAX 3200 film

And then there is the issue that I often used - as i already mentioned - the Kodak T-MAX 3200 film, often pushed to ISO 3200 (and sometimes ISO 6400) [which means up to 2.5 stops underexposure ] - which gave of course very grainy results and shadows with very little details. (Digitally, those are of course better to recover, but hopeless under the analog enlarger onto photo paper).

1988 • My almost blind grandmother Elfriede checking her hair in the mirror (KODAK T-MAX 3200)


1988 • Oma fixing things in the kitchen (Kodak T-MAX 3200)


1988 • Leif Hallberg (Kodak T-MAX 3200)


1988 • my Grandmother had absolutely hilarious humor ... we laughed a LOT. The left eye is in reality a handmade glass eye cup.


The title of T-MAX 3200

is stupid for consumers (i mean misleading), but likely chosen by Kodak to make a splash back in the 80s. It sounds cool with ISO 3200.

In reality T-MAX / TMZ 3200 has a real sensitivity of ISO 800 to 1000. When you develop it accordingly, you get actually very nice negatives, and far less noisy results. While when you develop the film for EI 3200 - then you get very coarse grain - and even worse at ISO 6400 - and the shadow details are gone (due to the underexpose with up to -2.5 stops)

Not really that fun to scan - and to iron out those negatives, which more often than not where either too thin (underexposed) or too sense (over exposed).

It was still only my second year i dealt with developing film...


The motives from 1988 are...uhm... highly mixed.

Altogether i also notice something else: 1988 was a funky year, and added big times to what later would end up in a big depression during second half of 1990 into the whole of 1991. So, all these people i met, the issues that rose from it all. The cut with grandmother after May 1989. There wee so many funky things happening during 1987-1991, that now when i deal with negatives and images in an endless parade... i get these funky feelings. They are not easy to pinpoint, to be honest.


They all come alive...

Yes, I have dealt with it many times - so it isn't a problem at all in daily life, or when i think back. But seeing suddenly SO MANY images from 1988 makes everything so... vivid ! And somehow it still gives off funky feelings.

A mix of "Bambi on ice", "adventure and fun" with growing, rising problems which kind of add up- without me (back then) really to know what a really depression was. When an endless chain of negative events gradually grind you down from within - but you have no tools for it. I didn't even know what a real depression was (which is kind of strange that I didn't know that). I was already back then interested in the inner processes of people (and my self), but I cant say that I knew how to handle them. I didn't.

Anyway. It is just funky to see these huge amounts of images suddenly "popping" up after such a long time, 36 years later.


The people who got killed...
though endless lies, fear and toxic substances called "Medicine"

Because they got "positive" (antibody!) test results - and then killed over longer time with the drug called AZT; an extreme toxic chemotherapy - which developed was in the 50s and 60s, so lethal, that all test animals all died - and the drug was abandoned.

Until Dr Fauci in the 80s - pulled it out - the same psychopath from the Corona Plandemic - recommending hiv-positive and those who developed "AIDS", to be treated with that lethal drug AZT. In order "to slow down AIDS". When using AZT (and related cocktail-derivates), your DNA gets broken down.... so you get immune related illnesses, and develop those "typical" signs of AIDS.


Like walking into an open nuclear reactor

You could basically walk into a nuclear reactor, and get the same results, only faster. Destroying your DNA, and with it, your cells. That is what AZT and the derivate "cocktails" do.

And we bought those lies. With wide open shut eyes.


They killed millions - back then.

On the same Dr Fauci's recommendations to use AZT. Jonas in the photo, died early 90s. One of millions that were killed via AZT.


And they did it again in 2020 and to this day (2024)

To see Jonas suddenly "alive" again in images, does raise strange feelings.

1988 • Jonas Söderquist

I am so angry

that all the shit was repeated with "Corona", though that same Dr Fauci demanded only Remdesivir to be used. Which kills weakened patients kidneys within 5 days - and then on a ventilator - you die. Hell, they put you on strong toxic drugs only because of a false positive PCR test for Corona - was already enough. They tested (like Birx also said) until you got a positive result. Then you got put into the Corona Ward. And from there - they killed people.

Ending in that people didn't survive the treatments which make breathing weak plus kidney failures through the antiviral drug Remdesivir + intubation. Not a chance to survive. Remdesivir is a very toxic antiviral toxic substance, which though faked trials (Israeli Gilead, what else is to expect in "aiding humanity with another toxic drug). Which in this case also failed in trials - due to its strong toxicity.

Hell, they send for free Remdesivir to Karolinska Hospital, to treat people here in Stockholm. How quantity, isn't it - when you realize how severe the Remdesivir drug is - which has nothing to do with health what so ever, and is promoted though lies, deceit and "presents".


Killing off at least a half million people in the US during 2020

More than 500.000 people alone where killed in US hospitals due to this lethal combination of drugs and false tests. So, that they got high death numbers they could scare the shit out of the people... Ivermectin was forbidden. A highly effective drug for Corona. With stellar reputation and works very well against corona related illnesses (as well parasites and cancer), then gets a bad rap under the label of "Horse dewormer".

People sometimes really are so stupid, to fall for the trick, into believing what the official tell you to. When is this going to stop ? It is about time.

Fauci made sure, that in American hospitals only used Remdesivir. Like he pulled off the same murderous shit in the 80s, recommending to the WORLD to use AZT for hiv-positive and "AIDS" sick people.

It killed them due to AZT !

Jonas died because of the drug - and so did many others i knew in the end of the 80s and in the 90s. We all believed the hype of HIV and AIDS, as well the toxic treatments.

I am so angry.


My Photo archive feel a little bit like a Pandora's box.

Pandora's box - not in the sense of spreading disease - but a box where within in each layer (year or periods) with smaller boxes inside, release strange remnants of emotions - with a diffuse tones and colors. When so many photos... all of the sudden "pop out of the box" - literally springing to life in ways I never thought they would do. (I never really wanted to scan such old negatives - and usually avoided to put any effort in such task).

Many of the negatives I never really worked with. Not even in the analog darkroom back in the days. I was mainly into a few private photos i liked, as well photos for competitions in Photo Magazines. The rest just dwelled unseen in my archive for several decades. At best, I would develop contact sheets showing the images of all negatives - but nothing more.

I mean you can't really do that many enlargements out of ten thousands of negatives. You choose the ones that you feel are best, or have a high personal value. The rest remains more or less "forgotten".

Now, they ALL come back, along the road of me scanning what seems to a a couple hundred thousands negatives.


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