What looks like a common phenomena - was in fact totally unknown in Stockholm back in year 1988. To find an elderly person going through the garbage, I mean. That phenomena became more common much, much later around 2000 and onwards, and then even more so after 2010.


Rare among my images

It is a pretty rare photo in my photography - because well... I am just not so good in that department... when it is about capturing (good, interesting) street photography which has a real content worth to write home about. I consider street photography - and i mean real street photography - being more than just showing off people. I admire those who can wait for the "right" moment, and show interesting interactions of people. Or situational awareness.

I am just not that good, you know.


Little pearl

I really like this photo - and had totally forgotten it. It has this warm interaction with the ladies coming up from the tunnel, while the old guy is buried with his head in the garbage can.

The camera was a clumsy one. The extreme small, kind of fiddly, Rollei 35 LED camera. On this day, a guy from Saltsjöbana staff and I went into the city of Stockholm in order to take casual photography. It was part of a photo circle - which i was a "teacher" failed in. It didn't last long.

But this day was fun just to go out with the purpose of taking images together.


There is something...

about the classic kind pf photography, which was much more common 40+ years ago. Something that feels more straight to the point. More direct. Not do "half-half" like in most of todays "street photography" images. Back in time images showed more content, were more open, more direct. More whole hearted. The photographer was more attached with his eye on the scenes among people.

Today I sense we are too shallow, "too not really here", and just click away and think we've done great photography or something... (I am no exception)

It all makes me long for simplicity - in a (photo geek) world filled with far too many cameras and even more lenses, and so little attention and presence. I am not excluded in that insanity of having too much of everything. Makes me want to go out with only a classic Leica M6 and one lens; either 28mm or 35mm - loaded with a Kodak T-MAX 400 film... Going into the city with plenty of time, schooling my eyes - to SEE - again.

That's it. Now do the work !

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