The main photo above shows a time, in which the second half of October, turned into a long period without any sunshine (which would last into Jan 2024). So, back then when I took the photo on my way to the subway... the dark time was just about to unfold. You know the feeling when you live up here... "a half year of gray" and you roll your eyes, thinking "Why am i even living up here in the North ?!"


4.5 months later

It has been mild for quite some time now - which made February 2024 into a warmer month compared to average. Which is a bit surprising, given that in middle Europe and North Europe, it is statistically much more common that after a cold January (as it was the case in Sweden), you often get a cold February as well.

Not this time.


Jan 2024


Feb 2024


Mild temperatures = overcast weather most of the time.

February 2024 was a very dull month in Stockholm, with fewer sunshine hours than Jan 2024, about half the normal amount. The 30 day moving average has in essence not risen. Standing still since second week in January with 1.5 hours average daily sunshine.

Not much to write home about. It explains why the famous effect in the end of February; the time of longer sunshine and more intense - didn't really manifest yet. Too many clouds most of the time.


The very first signs...

Here in the outer region of Stockholm, we had a couple of faint "springtime" signs. One of the first things i always notice, is the slightly increased light. Albeit due to the mild weather - which means many overcast days, it didn't feel as pronounced. Except the few days when it was sunny and mild up to around 7°C, i felt suddenly as if being in mid April (where 7°C is a common temperature).

Then we've got the birds singing. Even at night. And their sounds and melodies are increasing. I also saw the first signs of flowers starting to break though the soil (Crocus perhaps ?). It just feels amazing to be on the "right" side of the tack - which means, going towards warmer, sunnier and lighter times in nature.


Winter may return at times...

Winter likely will not be over - because it is common that you suddenly get a couple days of deep winter looking landscapes, when cold air swoops down over our country. And this can happen all the way into the first days of May, albeit in May the snow usually doesn't last on the ground. In April however it can. Well and March, can be a total winter month with very low temperatures and weeks of snow.

Everything is possible up here. With or without climate change, global warming or not.


11 March 2021

Like what happened three years ago, around 11 March 2021. I mean, just look at the photos:




4 April 2022


9 April 2022


28 March 2023

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