Here I wanted to picture Sal in his entire height at wide open aperture ƒ1.4 - and yes, he is separated from the background. Your normally don't get this kind of separation with normal focal length lenses which are slower like ƒ2.8 or ƒ3.5 or even ƒ4.

So, this Mitakon lens with it's ƒ 1.4 aperture clearly separates itself in character.


Medium Format look

Surely, when you pixel peep, the sharpness isn't that much to write home about. But the look of the overall photo, it looks actually good - especially when you enhance the finer details with Topaz Sharpen AI - I like it ! While the background is lovely smooth and blurry despite Sal standing 3-4 meters away.

Below as I went closer to Sal, the character reminds me of the analog Pentax 6x7 Takumar 105 mm f 2.4 lens. The Mitakon clearly gives that more classic (analog) medium format look !


I enjoy this combo

Overall - I enjoy to take hand held images with the Fujifilm GFX 50s II, it's helpful image stabilization (which works even with manual lenses - but you need to dial in the appropriate focal length into the camera menu for the IS to work properly). Together with the heavy, chunky Mitakon Speedmaster 65/1.4 lens - i really enjoy to take photographs with that combination.

What I am not used to with the Fuji GFX is the overall feeling, size and handling. The Fuji GFX 50s II is quite a big and substantial camera. It's buttons and menu is confusing - and I still haven't gotten used to it. (That's why I have started using it more often, even handheld in order to get better used to the handling (and not just mounted on a tripod). Even when you trip the camera shutter, there is a certain heft to it... Well, like a Mini Medium Format camera.

Which it literally is.

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