It begs an important question:

Has my XPan Diary here become a personal trap over time, rather than symbolizing a (nearly) private room of liberation and freedom to speak my chest off as a sort of self-therapy ? Or is everybody to day so frikkin sensitive and offended by anything that doesn't fit into their image ? What is it really ?! Maybe something in between, with a little of both. And the spirit of time has changed, too...

Boy, have I been so angry in the past 4 years - in the face of everything that has happened in the world as well in our country; the damages that have been done in the name of "Science", "safety" and "medicine". But also among people, how their attitude have changed, in a highly worrisome way, which i don't see too much good in it.

The extreme "I don't care" attitude in people, to highly dangerous things being done to them.... and they accept it like a cup of tea. Nothing to see. Nothing ever happened.

The tendency to ignore whatever comes in the way, as if it never happened - I find startling. And as I said before, highly worrisome.


The excess of war mongering in a country like Sweden

- under the umbrella of "peace" and "security", by sending endlessly weapons in an already lost war - only prolonging the killings of many more thousands of people on both sides. I mean WTF has that to do with supporting / securing peace ?!

It all triggers my anger- but mainly because we the people, actually support this shit. THAT gives me the chill. And I am from Germany. I know my (official) past... and it ain't pretty - no matter from which angle you investigate it. Now i see the same tendency rising again - from the powers who claim to be democratic and just. While the people who are working for peace and trying to illuminate the real causes behind the mess - are the ones who get publicly demonized, and out frozen.

Those who support the weapons, the war and the shit - are the ones who walk freely under the umbrella of "Saving democracy", pouring fairy dust in the eyes of the many. And we believe in it. Swim in it. Hail to it. Embrace it.

The illusion. The lies. The Deceptions.

And so. History repeat itself.

Once again, with wide open shut eyes.

Weapons of destruction have never brought peace. Ever. No matter what fucking side you're on. And those at the top, they smile, because War means money, power and wealth. For the small man, it means destruction. On both sides.

Do the math, stupid.

If we accept so much evil already wrapped into glossy, fuzzy illusions - than what are we capable to accept in the near future ?


Mob Mentality

I also see an increased delirium mob mentality, which increasingly is capable to destroy anyone who is the slightest critic - gets frozen out. Some people get their lives destroyed already. Their economy. They jobs. And such manners remind me of DDR, UDSSR, Stalin, Hitler, Mao. But with different layers on top; almost like a glossy carnival, a veiled appearance (given with all the utilities which "freely" are at our disposal, giving still the impression of freedom and choice.

But scratch a little bit deeper in the surface... you would be surprised how shallow your freedom really goes. But do we even care ? That's another layers onto the whole. iPhone, Netflix, Facebook. Spitting over your shoulder with a shrug. "After me the deluge. Is there anything else? Then let's watch the news on TV"

That kind of stuff.

Albeit it does get more visible and in our faces; more and more ridiculous. I mean people who want peace, are now considered to be traitors, "Nazi", right wing extremists and a serious "threat against Democracy". States are preparing laws on those grounds, too. Like in France and Germany.

How is that even possible...?

It is called Political Ponerology.

So, suddenly the Stasi DDR apparatus isn't so far fetched in today's world after all... The DDR (East Germany) called themselves "German Democratic Republic".

There was nothing democratic about the DDR. With the wrong opinions in that former country, you could easily end up in jail because of that, or even got killed. Just like that.

Make the math, honey.

However, that requires some critical thinking, though.

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