Well - who would have thought... ?!

The Second Part of our Carnival Party is already planned and underway quite soon, next Friday.

Because Mary, Sal's ex-wife and best friend, mother to Paola and Carla - is on her way to Stockholm. And we thought first - shouldn't we have our own little Carnival party among ourselves. Well, from there on, the step wasn't far off to invite for another Carnival party (mainly with new guests).

And, so it is planned to come about.

Mary herself is a real party girl, who loves to dress up and participates in many costumes in Sicily. So she said first "I am a golden Girl". And corrected herself day after - "no, I am The Golden Queen".

It is of course all meant in a joking way - as nobody takes themselves serious about this. So, i thought - OK - let's call it the "Golden Queen Mary" Carnival Special Edition Party. And played a little with the layout (I even printed it out with the Canon Selphy CP-1500 Printer). It's really fun - as you can do so much with that little printer with high quality.


More than plenty left over

We got plenty of cakes left; from Cherry, to Plum, to Cheesecake to Apple pie. And we got plenty of Wine left, almost 9 liter. And all the bubble "champagne" was never opened.


Change in decorations

So, there is plenty to go around - and the decoration is still standing. (albeit I am going to re-do it all, into a new configuration). And this time, I got my hands on the typical "streamers", the colored paper "sneaks" you toss around when it is new year. I used to have those aplenty when i was a child in Berlin. So, there will be a lot of those.

And i ordered many USB chargers - which many of my light chains require - so now i will be able to move them into other places and positions (in a more free way) - even adding some more (for which i had no charger at the first party).


New guests

Most of the guest will be new guest - as many of our old guests are busy, or will be travel to other parts of Sweden. It is after all Eastern...

Luckily Sal knows more of his colleagues, while I had rather difficulties to fetch my subway colleagues, as many of them are working on that Friday... But I still have 2 people i could ask, which I think would love to dress up.

My Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars Jedi outfit will be the same.


Funny how things go.

There was no second party in mind - but since it was rather short, mainly from 18:00 to 22:00 - i felt i could have party longer. However it was placed on a Sunday, and people usually go home earlier, having to work next day, etc. So, it was natural that it would be a bit shorter.


And this time it will be on a Friday, where the subway runs all night - so there is no strict time limit for people to go home early.


After 14 years

It is so strange that it took such a long time, to have a new carnival party. I noticed something profound after the party, days later. My inner attitude had shifted. It was kind of less "negative tilted" in my thoughts, and was followed by a general warmth, that felt positive tilted. Perhaps this winter-spring 2024, is sort of a general shift in me. The 4 years out of my homepage are gone. And I almost think it means something symbolically. The whole shit surrounding the Plandemic, the toxic genetic injections, and my thousands of hours of homework to dig deep into the complexity from microbiology to genetics... left harsh, negative as well deep strings attached to my soul.


I was sometimes endlessly angry, about what went on behind the curtains... The lies we have been told to ad nauseum...

And sometimes I believe I wrote far too negative - because - oh- i was so pissed off. But notice also that i more easily shifted into a negative (writing) mood. Or why digging out old stories from my old boyfriends - that too was a bit scurrilous, when I think about it. Or let's say - it was unnecessary. The chock over Olof's death, also had a strange effect on me. It took me far deeper than i realized. But instead of mourning - i kind of went into old stories instead. But that was not truly the primary meaning of it. Not the goal. But it is what I did...

It is almost like when you feel a strong loss of a human being, who suddenly passes away - which i felt was unnatural - then the whole sorry got "hijacked". So, I got angry, and threw myself into angry tales, and reflections.

Strange. Weird.


The Shift

And somehow i believe this period has to come to an end. And it did. The Parties (and other changes) are almost like a symbolic threshold, marking a spot, in which it is time to let go of the older stories, and those pesky last 4 years.

I am not saying that the future is brighter - there are a lot of even worse agendas in the works. But it is also important to breathe again. One cannot dig into things, without breathing in between. One has to let go sometimes, going towards life, in order to strengthen. Can't dig into shit all the time. It will just consume the soul over a long time.

Well, and soon Sal and I are going to Sicily. Also that marks an end of the old 4 years, as I have not visit Sicily since I got stuck into that harsh lockdown there by the state, against my free will, lasting almost 5 weeks.

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