I am starting to get better quickly

albeit the thought of having a new karnival party in 3.5 days feels a bit unreal. Albeit I remember, it was the same feeling prior the first party, too. It felt... unreal. And then less than 48 hours - you go into a sort of turbo mode - and "everything goes bit itself".

In other words; you activate yourself in ways that makes all the preparations flow just fine. Before that, I was just worried... (as a host that isn't so strange; you want things to be nice when the guest come) Is there enough food ? Is everything cleaned well ? Are all the utilities in place ?


Today Paola Tomorrow Mary

is coming back from France. Tomorrow Mary is arriving from Sicily. Family is almost complete - only Carla is far away (in California).

I have no clue as what Paola, Mary and Sal will dress up. I will use the same costume i had the last time; the Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi outfit.

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