What happened to the weather in Stockholm ?! We arrived at the airport this morning around 01.00 - and there wasn't much temperature to speak of, being around -1°C.

Now that i am writing, in the middle of the day, it is a mere +2.4°C.


It is... uhm... snowing !

Normal MAX this time of the year would be around 9-10°C.). It is dull, overcast and rainy and we have SNOW FALL. (albit nothing is staying on the ground yet). The outlook for the next 14 days looks a bit bizarre in my opinion, with temperatures that in the first days of may wouldn't even touch 5°C (which of course could change given how ubnreliable such longer prognosis inherently are). But as of writing, the outlook looks measly, to say the least...

I mean look at this...


WTF TM Weather Outlook

Around 3 May, the normal MAX in Stockholm usually lies around 13-14°C. (Notice that those prognoses are totally unreliable. They now changed it into +18°C) So, there you go. Fluctuating wildy every 6 hours (when they make new calculations in their super conmputers) - it shows a different scenario for day 10-15.

But hey - they know the climate change for 2100, right ? But even get the weather correctly for the time after 1 week...

Just saying.

OK, in case it should or would stay cold - with such low temperatures, there is very little chance to take out any plants or flowers / seeds to growth into spring. It'll have to wait into May instead. As long the temperatures are close to freezing, I have to delay my project of cultivating flowers and herbs for this season.


It felt like... Heaven in Sicily !

Wow, what a switch compared to the absolutely wonderful weather we had in Sicily in the past 10 days, however around 24-26°C... it felt like heaven !

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