Man, this has been a tough journey. I can't remember having been this sick for many years. Not since the weeks before our Hawaii journey, when i got up to 40°C fever and had to stay at home for 2 weeks.


Breaking the high fever...

As of now, I managed to break the high fever (up to 39.3°C) during the weekend, which stubbornly persisted at that level, always going back up again, above 39°C.

Then I took antibiotic which I still had at home - and that seem to have broken the spell. I also cheated a little bit with a few aspirin - which further helped to lower the fever. This isn't always recommended, because when you get fever, then that it is body's defense to kill of bacterias that wreck havoc onto the body. But i felt it was a bit too much, and i felt endlessly exhausted - so I took aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) - of all the BS pills which can damage the liver pretty bad i consider aspirin based ones to be the best.

Also; I am not a friend of antibiotics - but with a most likely suspected Pneumonia - I make an exception. I eat additionally cold Sauerkraut / fermented cabbage, in order to keep the intestines biotic environment in order / give it a chance to restore again.

I need to eat it 1-2 weeks after i ended the antibiotic treatment for it to restore. It is likely the best biotic treatment you can get (and by far the cheapest, compared to pills). It simply ensures that the bacterial flora in the intestines get restored, which also ensures that you don't drag along other pretty bad illnesses in the future, due to a malfunctioning bacteria flora in your gut/intestines.



Almost fever free.

Yes, I am fever free (for the time being) But boy, my body feels really weak - which i notice every time i go around in the apartment. (Since our arrival back to Stockholm on 18th April, I have not even left the apartment once) Now that the fever is broken it gives a weird illusion of being "largely OK"

But that's a falsehood.

My body feels soar, weak and kind of "wobbly" when i move around. After 5-6 hours awareness, I am already very tired, as if i was up for 14 hours. Later the fever came back anew, rising to 37.9°C.

So - it ain't over yet.

Oh, and I lost my sense of smell. How odd... (Before 2020, i only lost my sense of smell once during a cold back in 2002 - and that was due to a special pill i got, that was very powerful, took away all symptoms but erased also all smell and taste. Quite an odd pill that was, I may add). No clue what i took from Pär back then in the town of Arboga *LOL*


Altered sense of time ?!

Kind of strange, how my sense of time has been altered lately. We came from on the 18th at 03.00... and today is the 22th. The fever on the other hand lifted on 19th and got really bad on the 20th. So, that's only TREE DAYS AGO !!

But I perceived this time more like ONE WEEK. Weird isn't it ?! I really thought "boy does this high fever never break?". In reality, it was a short time frame, given that it was something more serious like a Pneumonia. So strange, to get this warped sense of time.

This effect also made the journey back from Sicily feel as if already 1.5 weeks have passed (making it feel more distant). But... its just been a mere 5 days...

Really odd.


Sal's eyes

His eyes have restored to normal.

Yesterday, you could only in the morning see a slight puffiness - but during the day it was finally gone, and he got his lovely Sal-eyes again . He had to agree, that what we both had caught, made the excitement of returning from Sicily, the magic - getting lost. That is really a pity. Because those few days at home right after, are often imbued with POSITIVE MAGIC. As if the spirit still is partially "left in Sicily", so to speak. A really lovely feeling.

Well, it was a fantastic journey to say the least. I am so glad that i took initiative right form the moment a switch got turned inside of me back in the end of February (I felt i am ready to go there again).

Luckily - I have 2600 images from the journey giving in parts back some of that magic we experienced.


Absurdly cold weather

What is this ?!! I mean, gosh, the temperatures in Stockholm barely creep above 0°C during daytime... The MAX temperatures are 11°C BELOW NORMAL. The 24 hours Ø temperatures around 7-8°C below average. In a "funny" way, the weather has been like I feel (and look )

In the below illustration, showing the diversion of the temperature from "normal" average. It has been like this for days. The very cold period in the beginning of April, and now in the end - together erased the warm week in between, and April 2024 is now falling, being colder than normal. Another month to add, that has been too cold in Sweden. We already had 8 out of 13 month colder than normal.

In Germany too it has been snowing... in the end of April. That's highly unusual.



Willfull blindness.

Global Warming and CO2 fear mongering my ass. It is a scam. The biggest wealth destruction in human history, lead by our political, corrupted puppets and their wanna-believe play dolls being weaponized "to save the planet" - without realizing that they are the tools of deep destruction at all levels in society.

Do we ever learn to discern ?!


When good becomes the bad.
Bad is the new Good.

Believing in fraudulent scientism, is more religious / a cult, and has nothing with science to do anymore. Real science has been corrupted too long, and silenced. Taken over by a criminal cabal, making it into something that appears to be the opposite. Where good is tout as bad, and where bad is the new good. Which in principle... is actually satanic system. Like when you say; war for peace. Which is utter bullshit.

It's a sad state of affairs these days in many parts of the world, to say the least.


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