You wouldn't think that those two photos, were taken with just 5 seconds minutes time difference (in a state being still newly awakened / out of bed) It looks more like... uhm... unlike twins.


Ain't pretty, babe !

Sometimes I just have to take myself less serious. In fact, this is something I do A LOT in real, daily life. Especially when Sal and I joke around - we often use ourselves as targets of our own jokes, foolishness and silliness.

Yeah - and it AIN'T PRETTY !

But... it is tremendous fun.


Joke aside ?

I am doing much better. The fever is largely gone as far as I can tell. My lungs when I cough, are not hurting so badly anymore - but the coughs are still really extensive at times. Clearly i am shedding of my lung's mucus layer while it gets renewed. My voice sounds like... hm... like someone calling out from a basement; dark and rough. My body still feels weak - which shouldn't come as a surprise, given that it all started on the 19th of April. That's still a mere 5 days ago.

The antibiotics clearly helped me this time - with the (occasional) side effect that I (sometimes) have to run to the bathroom out of the blue - even if I just thought it was innocent air. Don't trust your impulses on that, believe me ! Or you're caught up in a brown situation at the worst moment.

It hasn't happened... yet. Thanks God.


Yeah, Sal and laugh a lot

Overall, there is always a lot of laughter in this house (or wherever we go / stay). And it ha been like this for many years ! In essence, we are like that every time we are together... Imagine, that it has been almost 10 years ago, Sal and I for the first time...

It is really fascinating, and a damn beautiful story at so many levels.


"I saw a sign"

Yesterday morning - oh boy - it was mostly sunny. So much LIGHT suddenly. Although it was still around 0°C in the morning, starting to warm up the atmosphere (later up to 7°C), clearly warmer than all those previous days, in which the temperatures BARELY made it above freezing. It is very time a special experience, when you feel all that strong, refreshing light... how it activates the body and senses... It really felt good after a week of dull, cloud/overcast and COLD weather.

Well, it is still cold and will stay another 2-4 days like that. At this time of the year, it would be normal to have an average Max temperature of 12°C, and a Min of +3.5°C in Stockholm city.


Washing machine had a saying, too

There isn't really much to tell otherwise. I haven't left the house since our arrival, sleep a lot at all kinds of times, which all has made me feel removed of all time.

Oh wait - our trusty washing machine decided to quit, too (by not warming the water anymore). It's been an awesome machine I must say. Daniel and a friend of his, installed it 12 years ago - and it has been doing fantastic work ever since. We will likely repair it, instead of buying a new one.

1 April 2012 | Daniel & a friend of his helping to install the new washing machine


That's it

Well, that's about it. I continue to improve and rest, calling in to work tomorrow, albeit don't have to go back until Sunday evening due to two ordinary free days on Friday & Saturday, i should be able to recover well enough in time for Sunday evening. Gosh, and the whole April is has passed literally "in a flash".

That's so... weird.

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