It is definitely an intriguing lens when mounted on a Fujifilm GFX medium format camera. Albeit in my case, since I only use the contrast based GFX 50sII model, the focus is like with most lenses at times a hit or miss. That is the nature of contrast based AF, because the sensor only supports that. The newer GFX 100 models, also have PDAF, which ensures more speedy focus (and likely also more reliable in hitting the correct focus).

It ain't the lens' fault.


Optically the lens is very interesting.

Since the Fringer Pro Adapter recognizes the lens, you get automatic vignetting correction which makes it almost totally disappear even when used wide open. When the lens is stopped down, it doesn't matter - because the lens does indeed cover the larger Fujifilm GFX sensor. The lens renders sharp, even when used wide open it is definitely better than the Mitakon 65mm f1.4 - albeit background blur is naturally much less with the Tamron, but more than with the Fujifilm 35-70mm 4.5-5.6 lens.

Really interesting lens, I must say. I am mighty impressed


Unusual close focus: 0.29 m

Another fascinating aspect is, that the Tamron SP 45/1.8 VC lens allows a close focus of 0.29 meter - which is much closer than most normal 45-55mm lenses. (My Mitakon 65mm f 1.4 only allows 70 cm). The close min focus distance truly opens far more fascinating perspectives together with the bright aperture of ƒ1.8 - let me show that to you on the next diary page.

Yes, the lens exhibits chromatic aberrations when used wide open - which can largely get eliminated. I don't consider that to be a crucial problem in post processing.


210 €

So, for 210 € I got myself - in essence - a fully working, bright medium format lens - equivalent to a 35mm wide angle lens. That is pretty much wow. The lens i bought was flawless in appearance. I was really surprised, how well kept the lens was.

Kudos, Götplatsens Foto !!

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