Being able to go really close, changes the landscape (character) of what you take images of with a medium format camera, i have noticed. It really does make quite a difference. Following three images - all taken at wide open aperture on each lens, with Fuji GFX 50s II camera:

• Mitakon 65mm f 1.4 (min focus 70 cm)


• Fujifilm Fujinon 35-70mm f 4.5-5.6 (here at 45 mm) at min focus distance


• Tamron SP 45mm f 1.8 at 0.29 cm min focus distance (The slightly darker corners, I added manually)


Quite intriguing

how each lens rendered the same motive, but with different backgrounds blur, as well different "frame". The Tamron almost gives an impression of having used a normal or light tele macro lens at wide open aperture. Yet it is a 35 mm wide angle equivalent lens.

All three lenses are pretty unique on their own.


Fujifilm 35-70 mm ƒ 4.5-5.6 zoom

is the most character free lens among the three. It renders slightly softer at wide open aperture - but the sharpness is there (when using a touch of Topaz Sharpen or Topaz DeNoise AI). It is a light lens, too compared to the other two - but in size the same like the Mitakon when extended + lens hood. The zoom is actually a very sharp lens, when you stop it down to ƒ8


Mitakon 65/1.4

is the softest of them all, especially at ƒ1.4 almost blurry - but exhibits a unique character which reminds of images taken with the Pentax 6x7 Takumar 105mm f 2.4 lens ! Also this lens turns out very sharp once you stop it down several stops.


Tamron 45mm f 1.8 VC lens

is the one that renders sharper at ƒ1.8 compared to the Mitakon 65/1.4 and allows to get much closer than the other two. I noticed that the background wasn't as blurry at medium distances (with aperture ƒ1.8) compared to the Fujifilm Zoom at 45mm with aperture ƒ 5.2 [almost 3 stops slower]

That surprized me a little bit. Yet, it is a notch blurrier, which isolates a person at 1-1.5 meter distance better - but i found the differences to be rather marginal. (It depends of course of how far away the background is).

Instead the foreground felt a lot blurrier with the Tamron at ƒ1.8 [first photo below]

• Tamron SP 45mm f 1.8 at ƒ1.8


• Fujifilm 35-70mm f 4.5-5.6 (45mm) at ƒ 5.1

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