Just wow.


Hot coffee indoors. Wet snow on the outside.

April 2024 has been a "funny" month, it seems. And so gray. Just another month this year, in which the sun has been "on the gray side" in the weather biz. While the news are dramatic and false as usual, like from scripts some Millennium hippies wrote, dead serious of course. Or what it is it they usually say !?

- You can't make that shit up.

Well, I barely read the mainstream news and papers anymore. Every time I do, it gives me the hives, activating my gag reflexes. The most important aspects lie within what they don't write. (Can you believe to get paid to write that shit ?!) It's very sad. But also in a way infuriating. They call it "we are living in a democracy with core values" (värdegrund). I think it's a bag full of BS.

That baby went down the toilette decades ago - but we were too busy with everything else fancy schmanzy, the internet fuzz and buzz and gadgets. It is now that we (partially) start to wake up to the remains of left behind after a ill-ridden party; the stink, the barf, the chaos and betrayal. Like slow moving bullets.

Well, Good morning Sweden. Yeah darling; you joined the club, didn't you. Welcome to the funny farm. But hey, at least we preserved the appearances up here. Nice and tidy.



I feel a bit dislocated, having been indoors, since 18 April - and well, because i got very sick. Now i am in some post phase, where it isn't really bad anymore, but I still cough at times and feel quite weak. But it is going better for every day - and that's a good thing. It just feels all ... well, dislocated. Or maybe I should say, disoriented ?!



When you are sick, the Hippocampus doesn't produce any new index cells. So, it can give you the feeling of not remembering so well, or things go into one ear - and immediately out of the other. Apparently it is an evolutionary thing, that when we get sick, we are not supposed to study and read a lot of books. We are supposed to be in bed, rest so that the body can do its work.

During that time, the Hippocampus in the brain, which is equivalent to that of the "main index catalogue" which keeps track of all the real locations across the hardrive - so these can get recalled at demand, from the many various spaces across the drive, in order for you to be able to recall and work with it. The Hippocampus is also tied to our experiences: what we have learned in the past, in order to make a judgment call in the present time; how to value a situation accordingly.

Now, when the Hippocampus stops making new cells (for its main index catalogue), it uses the space from earlier experience, and writes them over (!).



such as during the "Covid" lockdowns, is exactly such a strategy that leads to the Hippocampus to stop making new cells. So, what happens now is that your brain over writes existing experiences with new experience (fear garbage) ? You loose old experiences, emotions and the ability to fair judgment. As the fear porn over writes the older index cells, since no new cells have been created.

Think about the consequences...

Another aspect which leads to the shrinking of the Hippocampus, is when you do only routine stuff day in, day out, without any new inputs. The Hippocampus in the brains of the western world is generally shrinking - which ultimately leads to memory loss, Alzheimer and similar.

And it can be reverted.

Go out in nature. Meet people. The Hippocampus loves new inputs. It absolutely loves new experiences. Do activities outdoors in nature. It yearns for stimuli !!!

Then the Hippocampus stars to grow again. Which it naturally does as long you live, high up in age. But shrinks every year, if you give way for monotony, repeated daily things without real meaning - and like a letter in the box, we receive those common diseases as life goes towards late autumn.

The experimental, genetic injections ["Covid", influenza, and future mRNA based shots] accelerate this manifold, due to the design specific intrusion of that genetic technology, also going into the brain (via crossing the blood-brain barrier), causing micro inflammations among brain cells, which leads to micro thrombosis, cell death and additionally (due to inflammation) ... the Hippocampus stops making new index cells

Remember I said, it was an evolutionary feature, that the Hippocampus does that. So, even when people take the shots, and do not realize that they are running around with micro thrombosis in the brain - the Hippocampus stops making new index cells.


Loneliness. Abandonment.

Realize how our lonely elderlies, their not so nice treatment, leads to that the brain - in a way - gradually shuts down. We shouldn't abandon our elderlies ! On the contrary - they harbor a lot of knowledge, we already have forgotten. Just imagine the wealth of it !

When I - look at Sal's mom in Sicily, who now is 86, and Mary's mom, who is 91 - they are ladies who are totally present in their brains. It is really fascinating !


Ok. Ok.

From Snowfall to Hippocampus, huh ?!


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10 April 2024

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