I haven't gotten used to that the light starts up pretty early (given that we are in the end of April). So, when I looked out of my window... a snow cover of 1-3 cm is visible ! Just wow !


Rather rare event

I can't remember ever having seen a clearly visible snow cover that lasted on the ground this late in April, during the past 40 years in Stockholm. I would have to look though my archive closely, in order to find a snow cover event in the end of April. I am not saying snow cover have never happened in the end of April - but i judge it to be very rare.


12 May 1995: A new all time high snow record !

No wait - ONCE. And that was on 12 May 1995 i believe, with up to 5 cm in the early morning in Stockholm City. That was the only time in the past 40 years. It took my really by surprise when i walked out of the cinema at 05.00 in the morning, finding cars and trees with snow (up to 5 cm) as i walked home 2.5 km via Gullmarsplan.

Luckily, i had my little Konica Big Mini BG-302 loaded with Fuji Super G-400 film... and could make some photos to document this highly unusual event. Apparently it was a snow record for Stockholm; never has so much snow fallen that late in May in Stockholm history.

The snow was gone at noon.

• Stockholm City in the morning of 12 May 1995 at 05.00


• Stockholm - Skanstull (taken with little Konica BM-203 camera, on Fuji Super G 400 film)


• Walking over the bridge, reaching Gullmarsplan. Everything looked absolutely surreal... i mean thick SNOW in MAY


Incredible view
(today, 26 April 2024)

the view from my balcony looks like a scene in the middle of winter, when it starts to snow after a period of mild weather. What a sight ! Totally out of the ordinary, given that in average, around 1 May 2024, trees are usually bursting out with young leafs. (Bushes often burst out 1-2 weeks earlier).

This far, some bushes actually have burst out already, but the trees has not.

Incredible, really.

So unreal.

• 26 April 2024 06.00

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