I did my first longer walk outdoors since our arrival from Sicily in the night of 18 April. Then i got very ill, and didn't leave the house. Now it is the 28 April, and it almost feels unreal. Not only to be outdoors walking like normal, but also because the sun was shining brightly like in a classic (chilly) Scandinavian springtime day.

Almost unreal with all that sunshine. Therefore a part of me felt odd. A little bit like... *thinking*... like a part of me exploring something new (or almost new). The other part of me knows this, as it is familiar. But the other part enjoys an experience as if I haven't seen the landscape and things in our surrounding for a long time.

Strange, isn't it ?


Taking her out for a spin

I took out the Fujifilm GFX 50s II medium format camera - also that for the first time (as a "walk around camera") so to speak, together with the relatively compact, and light Fujinon GF 35-70/4.5-5.6 zoom. It delivers well for sure, especially when you stop it down a notch, you get rewarded with excellent sharpness and a wealth of fine details. The zoom is no slough, for sure, despite it's lower price tag (often in combination with buying a GFX camera) and that the aperture is rather slow with ƒ 4.5 to ƒ5.6

I enjoyed the flexibility of that zoom, since I am mainly a fixed lens guy. Most images (but not all) were taken at the 35 mm setting, equivalent to 28 mm wideangle on fullframe. I was surprized how much I enjoyed to be able to zoom while composing with the "Hasselblad XPan" panormaic framing.


Contrast based AF can occationally miss the spot

The focus can occasionally miss, if you focus on something, but might catch on something (a pattern) that lies behind. Like a spinning wheel thingy at the playground - the camera focuses onto the sand behind the red wheel. That can at times happen typically with cameras that are only equipped with contrast based AF. It reminds me a little bit of the first Olympus OMD EM-5 camera (2012) Same occasional issue with that contrast based AF, too.


A wealth of details

I think the Fujifilm GFX 50 series can be forgiven, because when the focus sits where it should sit, the sensor delivers big times. It is really a mini-medium format camera. And with that in mind - be careful. Small "cheats" / sloppy focus, can easily ruin the fine details in photos.


Rewarding with Summer & Sunshine

Being in the sunshine with the camera, is rewarding, because it delivers so well in good light. Clearly ! Kind of funny that I write like this, because i bought the camera back in September 2023, but have never just taken it out with a native lens, for an outdoor walk. Mainly because during the second week in October 2023, the sunshine dropped, overcast weather took over to such a degree (together with the light levels), that it never felt fun to take her out for a spin. Well, overall the sunshine ours have been really bad since third week of October 2023... until now.

Here a few photos from my little walk around Snösätra.

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