While I was preparing my previous entry, the balcony door stood open. In the background i heard a noise that reminded me of thin plastic fluttering in the air, making annoying noises... until I actualy looked out, realizing that big drops of rain were falling onto the outdoor zink shelf...

Talk about a rapid weather switch. I knew that a front would streak Stockholm - yet didn't expect it happening so fast. Apparently it is part of a warm front, and the southern part of Sweden is cloudless. While we are in the zone of that front with some rain in it.


Yepp. It's a warm front.

Oh, indeed it is a warm front. Look at the temperatures in the Southwest of Stockholm, already soaring up to 21°C. Nice for a change, i would say !!!!!! Notice also that south of Stockholm, the temperature is a only 4°C.



What to expect ?

Around temperatures between 14 and 18°C in Stockholm during the next 5 days. Then it might cool down again, going below average... again. Possibly maybe. Well, those weather super computer models aren't exactly the smartest tool in the sked. At least not compared to real life...

But even it might cool down a little bit after a 5 day nice springtime period - the general temperature levels will be higher located, compared to what we have experienced during the past two weeks. Most likely without any frost in Stockholm. Uhm wrong. There is still frost risk to expect.

This is the American GFS prognosis for Stockholm as follow. You see that ther might be still risk for frost around the time of 7-8 of May 2024.


The thing with frost...

Damn. And I thought of planting my flower & herb seeds. Perhaps I should, but keep them indoors instead. Yeah, that is the way to go. And when the weather becomes frost free - then i can take them out on the balcony.

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