It is the worst "agreement" ever to have been done in Sweden's history in the past 200 years. A silent, undemocratic Coup d'état has occurred in the Kingdom of Sweden, though people in leading positions, who simply signed an agreement with the US Military, to give the US total freedom to do military whatever they like in Sweden - and the Swedish Authorities can do nothing, nor does the US have to show how many soldiers and weapons, including atomic weapons, are being taken into Sweden.


Signed - with a parliamentarian agreement

This "agreement" has been done in January 2024 - by Swedish "Defense Minister" Pål Jonson, who simply traveled to the US and signed a deal with the US Military - without debate, without information, without consulting the Swedish citizens, and worst of all without any Swedish parliamentarian vote or agreement ever had been in place (and still isn't).

They gonna vote about it in the Swedish Parliament on 18 June... (right before the biggest Swedish holiday, Midsummer). Same trick like with when the FED (US Federal Reserve, a private bank) in the US was created voting on or day before Christmas Eve in Congress, where most congressmen already had left Washington DC.

It is literally a document like that of a country after having lost a war - equal to a capitulation document. High Treason has been committed, right in front of the Swedish Citizens.

And no, this "agreement" is not about the US defending Sweden. It is NOT a bilateral "agreement" either. And it has nothing to do with NATO either.


DCA - "Defense Cooperation Agreement" with the US Military

The DCA (Defense Cooperation Agreement) gives the US military total power to use Swedish soil,; 17 military bases and even allows the access of private land "if necessary" - for whatever they plan to do.

In a upcoming war, it puts Sweden right into the spotlight of military actions - e.g. it does not protect Sweden and its people in any way, (who have been alliance free for 200 years), but will put our country right into the middle of a future war and destruction.

The US and its criminal cabal, uses Scandinavia in order to push Russia / China into war. It is like it always has been - that wars have been fought not because people want it - but because of dark powers behind the "leading politicians", who drive their own interests. While we are duped, twisted and fueled against various groups and nations, to do the dirty bidding of banksters interest; war is the biggest money making business.


War Games planned since the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989

People who think that Russia is the biggest threat, have not understood, what really is playing out behind the scenes. That this has been an old wet dream, to bring down Russia for a very long time. The plans to go into war against Russia have been crystallized (planned and provoked) more in detail since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.All developments and provocations have been aiming at that goal. The result we now see in Ukraine and in Scandinavia, with Sweden and Finland - without notion - going into a war alliance (NATO).

We are trapped within false opposites, false games, and false narratives and "choices". We give our energies and economies to the wrong entities, for the absolutely wrong reasons, who do not have our best in their interest. If we continue to believe what the paid actors, our corrupted politicians and bought media - tell us to believe.

Is not for the people. It is anything but for the people.

How many times are we going into that trap ? When are we once and for all, look through the veil of deceptions and stop wars, and don't play along anymore - ever ?


No objections what so ever.

The US is not obligated to reveal its plans or action on Swedish soil, nor the weapons they place within our borders, or nuclear weapons stationed... (Sweden did not even reject the possibility of nuclear weapons being stationed in that agreement, nor how many soldiers come to Sweden, nor what they are doing or planning. US staff doesn't even need to have US passports, and the police is not allowed to object, or to do anything (e.g. in case of US staff committing crimes in Sweden).

This is beyond outrageous, how the criminal cabal politicians in Sweden, sold out the kingdom, without even having approval to do so, without even that our basic laws allows this, without any discussions ever to have occurred with the Swedish people. And the media is as guilty of helping this High Treason, as they have barely given any information - and the little they have "informed" the citizens of, has been falsified / and large parts left out.


A Kingdom sold out for absolutely nothing

It is the biggest scandal in Swedish History to have occurred in the past 200 years by politicians whose interests should be to defend the Swedish interests, but instead serves foreign powers instead. Sold out - for absolutely nothing - silently - and without barely anyone has objected.

The entire current government as well the previous government, should be standing trial for High Treason and betrayal against the Kingdom of Sweden and its citizens. It has nothing, has nothing and will nothing have to do with democracy. It is literally the biggest betrayal ever to have occurred in Swedish History in the past 200 years.



Folkets Radio | Spiken i kistan för svensk suveränitet?



In reality, Sweden's sovereignty has ended. Just. Like. That.

Our "leaders", tell us that this happens under the umbrella of democracy. (Can you imagine ?!) Talk about a salesman's argument, to sell you snake oil - and you gotta pay, honey. Including the damages. It is totally baroque to sell out Swedish sovereignty for absolutely nothing while placing our country into the middle of war games.

They (those politicians involved behind this betrayal) should all be in prison, according to our Swedish Fundamental laws.


Chapter 19. Offenses against Sweden's security

Section 1

Anyone who, with the intention that the kingdom or part of it shall, by violent or otherwise unlawful means or with foreign assistance, be placed under foreign power or made dependent on such power or that part of the kingdom shall thus be seized, undertakes an act that entails a danger of the realization of the intention, shall be sentenced for high treason to imprisonment for a fixed term, not less than ten and not more than eighteen years, or for life or, if the danger was slight, to imprisonment for not less than four and not more than ten years.

If a person, with the intention that a measure or decision of the head of state, the government, the parliament or the supreme judiciary should be forced or prevented with foreign assistance, undertakes an act that entails a danger of this, he or she will also be sentenced for high treason. Law (2009:396).

Section 2

Anyone who, by violent means or with foreign assistance, creates a danger that the kingdom will be involved in war or other hostilities shall, unless it is high treason, be sentenced to imprisonment of not less than two and not more than eight years for instigating war.

Section 3

If a person who has been commissioned to negotiate with a foreign power on behalf of the realm or otherwise to look after the realm's affairs with someone who represents the interests of a foreign power, abuses the authority to represent the realm or otherwise his position of trust and thereby causes considerable damage to the realm, the penalty for breach of trust in negotiations with a foreign power shall be imprisonment for a term of not less than two and not more than eighteen years or for life. Law (2009:396).

Section 5

Anyone who, in order to assist a foreign power or equivalent, unauthorizedly acquires, promotes, provides or discloses information about armories, weapons, stocks, imports, exports, manufacturing methods, negotiations, decisions or any other circumstance whose revelation to a foreign power or equivalent may be detrimental to Sweden's security shall be sentenced for espionage to imprisonment for a maximum of six years.

The same shall apply if someone for the same purpose unauthorizedly produces or takes possession of a writing, a drawing or any other object containing such information. Law (2022:1519).

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